Defending the Commander Social Contract

The Cromat Challenge

This article was inspired by Andrew Magrini’s Cromat Experiment. In case you don’t  follow the link, the challenge is to build five enemy color decks using each color pair. The trick is to make the effects align with the five abilities Cromat has. I love odd deck building challenges, so this immediately caught my eye. Also, I really like building enemy color decks.  

Since Cromat is a fairly janky card here are the abilities:

WB: Destroy target creature blocking or blocked by Cromat.

UR: Cromat gains flying.

BG: Regenerate Cromat.

RW: Cromat gets +1/+1 until end of turn.

GU: Put Cromat on top of its owner’s library.

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The Thing That Should Not Be-Part 6: The Great Reveal

My favourite kind of egg is the Cadbury Creme Egg. But not the modern recipe (it’s rubbish), the old recipe is best. I miss that flowing liquid delight being the end game after successfully unwrapping that tricksy foil wrapping. That’s my end game with the chocolate egg; earn the right to enjoy the delight.

Today I am going to unwrap the seal on my Creme Egg for you all, something that I have been teasing and tantalising you all with. If you do not want to read through a deck list, feel free to skip down towards the end of this piece, as I will be discussing my choices in kill conditions as well as alternatives. I shall depart from my usual card type formatting, to shift into a Swords to Plow utility style formatting for this decklist, however a spreadsheet will be attached for an accurate typing breakdown if you care to try out my list. Please be aware, I am laying this list out to display card roles. Therefore you will see the same card entered under multiple categories. I have done this as I hope to best impart to you all how I see cards needing to fulfil multiple roles.  I will also endeavour to add in additional notes about some of the truly unusual card choices I have made, including some bizzaro world cards that you might not expect.

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Just Deserts

Over the past two sets, we’ve been introduced to the land subtype of Desert. It started as little more than a minor inclusion of flavor with Amonkhet, but exploded in a big way with the release of Hour of Devastation. The number of deserts jumped from 5 (including the OG Desert from Arabian Nights) to 20 with the new sets release with one card in particular that I think will see some serious play: Scavenger Grounds.

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Things I’d Rather Do Than Play Tribal Decks In EDH

Welcome to Wacky Action Week!  Please excuse the fact that this article is actually from last week, which was Tribal Week!  Please enjoy this masterpiece of EDH knowledge, and we’ll be back tomorrow with more action!

Things I’d Rather Do Than Play Tribal Decks In EDH

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Tribes that Could Have Been

I want to clear the air. I am really enjoying the new precon decks. At the time of writing this I’m planning more precon games with my friends and I’m debating which ones to take apart, which to rebuild from scratch, and which ones to upgrade from the base model. That being said, I think the choices of tribes were really bland and remarkably unexciting.


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Tribal Regrets

Welcome to Tribal Week!  Now that you’ve had a week to play with your new C17 Tribal toys, maybe you want to hear us complain about them!  Awesome!  See you later this week for more Tribal lamentation!

New decks are here!  Tribal theme!  Four decks!  Who’s excited?!

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Talking Strategy- Lessons from OmarCon


Welcome back to Convention Recap Week!  Although Erik was not able to make it to GenCon this year, he did attend the first OmarCon in NYC.  Here’s what he had to say about it.

If you haven’t seen Bruce’s article about the meetup for Omar hosted in NY recently, then check out his article here. Thank you Omar!

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The New Jace Goes Infinite with Doubling Season

…and now, we offer you a quick respite from Convention Recap Week for something snarky.  Tune in later this week for more Convention Recap action!

You may have seen that they spoiled a new pirate Jace. Here he is:

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GDC Goes to GenCon 50!

Welcome to Convention Recap Week!  Gaming conventions are one of the highlights of being a gamer, and with HASCon right around the corner, we wanted to catch you up on some of the highlights of GenCon (the best 4 days in gaming!), and OmarCon (a mini-con at Omar’s house).  GenCon recap is today, and look for the OmarCon recap later this week.

GDC goes to Gencon

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Where Did You Go?

Hey, everyone!  Hope y’all are well.  Here’s the deal-

Pardon the minor hiatus.  Things are a little crazy for all involved this summer, so we’ve been on a break.

Next week is GenCon 50 – a good chunk of the GDC crew will be present, and we’ve got a house rented.  Stay tuned to the Twitters (Cass, Dave, Mr. P, Chris and Sean) and Facebook for updates and antics while we’re there.  And, of course, if *you’re* there, hit us up.  We’ll get in some games.

We’ll be returning to a regular schedule starting August 28th.  Mark your calendars and we’ll see you then.


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