Hello everyone!   It’s the start of a brand new year…that time of the year when everyone makes grand plans about the next 364 days to come. Hatching Plans

You may have a short list, or you may have a long list; on New Year’s Eve 2016, you might look back at this year and reflect on the resolutions you’ve made, and on those that you’ve missed. Whatever the case is, I strongly believe in having a set of goals to achieve, because then you have a direction in which you proceed. 

With that, I’d like to share my MTG-related goals for this year!

 1. Complete my own Chromatic

 In case you didn’t know about it, Sheldon Menery, the “Godfather of EDH”, completed his grand Chromatic project last October. The pursuit towards a complete arsenal containing at least one deck from each color identity – the Chromatic – is one which I’ve been working on as well. Along the way, there have been many side-tracks, the chief culprit being the release of new cards. Here’s what I currently have, along with a status check (for my own benefit):

Colorless: Karn, Silver Golem – The Grand Machine, where the goal is to assemble either the Stations, or the Kaldra equipment set, or the artifacts of the Empires; status is active.

White: Nahiri, the Lithomancer – Equipment Voltron previously led by Kemba, Kha Regent; status is active

Blue: Azami, Lady of Scrolls – Tribal Wizard deck where plan A is BEATDOWN!!!; status is active

Black: Drana, Kalastria Bloodchief – Mono Black Control; status is active

Red: Krenko, Mob Boss – Tribal Goblin deck; status is semi-active (I should try to make it 75%, because many times it’s just too brutally fast, and I don’t derive much fun from that)

Green: Ezuri, Renegade Leader – Tribal Elf deck; status is semi-active (I’m brewing a Yisan, the Wanderer Bard “ladder” deck, simply because my Elf deck was too efficient as well)

Azorius: Isperia the Inscrutable – Beatdown with Air Force One; status is active

Dimir: Phenax, God of Deception – Turbo-Mill; status is active

Rakdos: Olivia Voldaren – Tribal Vampire deck; status is semi-active (I have more fun decks for beatdown, so this kinda fell by the wayside)

Gruul: Stonebrow, Krosan Hero – “Tribal” trampler deck, where almost every creature can stomp over your puny defenses; status is active

Selesnya: Trostani, Selesnya’s Voice – Big Fat Tokens; status is active

Orzhov: Teysa, Orzhov Scion – Tribal Cleric deck; status is semi-active (again, it just kinda got boring…I think I see a pattern)

Izzet: Melek, Izzet Paragon – Spellslinger, wins by storm, ResetReiterateLightning Bolt combo, or tokens beatdown; status is active

Golgari: Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord – Reanimator; status is active

Boros: Aurelia, the Warleader – Swift justice delivered by the Boros Legion; status is semi-active (I need an interesting Boros general to show up, so that I have an excuse for scavenging this for parts)

Simic: Edric, Spymaster of Trest – Beatdown by small evasive beaters, with a small Faerie sub-theme, a small ninjutsu sub-theme…a pot-pourri, really; status is semi-active (too efficient for its own good, and generic beatdown kinda bored me)

Bant: Derevi, Empyrial Tactician – Blink for value, if you get what I mean; status is semi-active (basically, it’s just durdling with lots of ETB triggers and self-gratification)

Esper: Oloro, Ageless Ascetic – Your life is my life, my life is my life…also, catch Dark Confidant and its ilk at their best; status is active

Grixis: Nothing here. I was thinking about Nekusar, the Mindrazer but it’s been explored numerous times and it seems to be un-fun?

Jund: Karrthus, Tyrant of Jund – Tribal Dragon deck (I’m so stoked by the Fate Reforged spoilers!); status is active

Naya: Gahiji, Honored One – “When this attacks, your face gets bashed”; status is active

Abzan: Karador, Ghost Chieftain – Tribal Spirit deck with a strong legendary theme; status is active

Jeskai: Zedruu the Greathearted – Enduring Ideal deck; status is semi-active (pondering replacing the goat minotaur with kung-fu mistress Narset, Enlightened Master and removing the Donate engine)

Sultai: Damia, Sage of Stone – 60 Lands Deck; status is active

Mardu: Nothing here as well, but I’m brewing a Zurgo Helmsmasher Grand Melee deck! Blood will be shed! Chaos will ensue!

Temur: Riku of Two Reflections – make that MANY reflections; status is active

Five-Color #1 (yes I have a few): Horde of Notions – Tribal Elemental deck; status is active

Five-Color #2: Karona, False God – Tribal Ally deck, also my one and only all-foil deck; status is active

Five-Color #3: Progenitus – Next Level Topdeck, or “Living on a Prayer” as I’d like to call it; status is active

Five-Color #4: Sliver Queen – Super Friends aka “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”; status is active


Good lord, that’s a wild list…



2. Catalog my entire collection 

I have a 4-by-3 card hotel (search Google for “card hotel mtg” if you don’t know what that is) that contains the bulk of my collection. I also have lots of spare boxes, a card here, a card there…and it’s really driving me nuts. I want to sort out what I have, store them all in my card hotel, and then put them all on PucaTrade.

(In case you’ve been living under a rock, PucaTrade is a peer-to-peer trading system which has been gaining popularity. As founder Eric Freytag would put it, the world is your trade binder!) 

That, and also having an organized collection makes a lot of tasks easier – chiefly deck construction. I’m not the sort that chops and changes decks on a weekly basis, but when I do work on one, I’d like to be able to pull out what I need when I need.


3. Judge in more Premier events

In 2014, I went to Grand Prix events at Kuala Lumpur, Melbourne, Nagoya…and that was it.   Pretty unsatisfying.

This year, I’m interested in GP Auckland (Mar 13-15), Kyoto (Apr 17-19), Shanghai (May 15-17), Chiba (May 29-31, MODERN MASTERS 2015!!!), Singapore (Jun 26-28, and my hometown GP!), Hong Kong (Aug 7-9), Sydney (Oct 9-11), Beijing (Oct 23-25), and Kobe (Nov 20-22). There will be some in the same month, so I have to choose one or the other due to work commitments. In fact, even though I express interest, I may not be able to make it, and even if I can make it, I might not be chosen. Still, I’ll apply for these as much as time/finances/life allows, and if you happen to be at any of these events, see you there!


Good lord.  Again.


(Side note: I really envy those globe-trotting judges – people like Riccardo Tessitori, Kim Warren, and Christian Gawrilowicz, just to name a few. I look up to their dedication to the Judge Program, but more importantly, I’d like to ask them, “HOW DO YOU GET TO TRAVEL AROUND SO MUCH? Don’t you have work or other non-MTG commitments?”)


4. Become a DCI Level 3 Judge

 That previous side-note brings me to my next goal, which is to become an L3 judge. 2014 was a lean year in terms of Premier events attended. I’d expressed my interest to my Regional Coordinator, Wearn Chong, and he helped me by giving me some very helpful tips on how I can work on my checklist. Sadly, work and other life commitments have meant that I haven’t had the time to seriously look at things, but this year I want to make a difference.

For me, working at big events gives me the opportunity to interact with fellow judge colleagues from around the region – worldwide even. I get to learn about practices from where they ply their trades, so that I can constantly refine myself. I want to do more for my community in Singapore; for a start, we need a bigger pool of L2 judges, but not having a local L3 means that interested L2 judge candidates have to wait for the next Premier event locally or close by, or else travel up north to meet up with the L3 judges from Malaysia.


 5. Develop more content for GDC

And I come full circle back to this site. For giving me the chance and a space to rant/rave about interesting/frustrating rules interactions in EDH, I’d like to be more active.

Currently, I’ll be contributing on a monthly basis in my Lens of Clarity column, which will focus on official rules and how they apply to Commander.  However, I’m thinking about how else I can contribute to Team GDC as well, and I guess I should start by giving more content. Eventually I’d like to write on a fortnightly basis, and participate in at least one podcast – honestly, I know nuts about podcasts, much less participating in one; I’m not very fluent in English, and my time and schedule make working with the team difficult. Still, I’d love to get on one of those podcasts…after figuring out what it is, and how it works!


And we’d love to have you.


 And that’s that –  my list of MTG-related goals for 2015!  What goals do you have for the upcoming year?  What decks are you building, and what events are you planning on attending?  What does your 2015 look like Magic-ally? 

 Until next time, may you keep checking items off your checklist and telling yourself – “Achievement unlocked!”