Best-laid plans, and all that…

I’m here in Syracuse, lounging by the pool and enjoying a day off. My plan to make use of technology(!) to write on my iPad while my wife and I made the 5-hour drive last night was thwarted when my son decided he’d rather not sleep at all on the way. Instead, I drove the whole trip, and my wife did her best to occupy a two-year old who wanted out of his car seat at all costs.

Anyway, the point is no writing got done last night, so here I am. Friday seems good. Let’s talk about some things, shall we?


This one took some thought, and I appreciate the comments and suggestions. In the end, I decided to do both of them. (Yeah, I’m that good at making decisions.)

Here’s the plan…er, plans:

-I’m going back to basics on Thraximundar. Both Mr P and Imshan, the co-winners of the old Thraximundar Project I did last year, had given me lists to use. I’m starting there, coming up with a hybrid of the two. From there, I’ll play the deck out to see what works, what doesn’t, and make decisions on how to upgrade it with the cards that have been released since then.

Lets face it – how many of you agonize over spoiler lists to figure out what cards will be upgrades to your decks from a new set, and then have to pull teeth to find room in those lists? It seems like this is a good opportunity to open the process up and really look at how a deck can evolve with time. I’ll document my play results and the changes I want to make, and how I go about making them. As always, I’ll be wide open to discussion on why I do right and wrong, and also to suggestions.

Writers love to throw out new set upgrade lists…I want to look at how to get there with you.

-Kresh is going to take a similar path, but from the other angle. This one I’m really excited for…let me explain why.

Instead of taking my old list and trying to update it, I’m going to open the development up on GDC, with the goal of coming up with the definitive current version of ‘the Kresh deck’. I want the most busted-up, overpowered thing I can manage without delving into combo-land; I want to be sacrificing Lord of Extinction to Greater Good in order to draw eighty-five cards and then Fling an enormous Kresh at someone’s head.

From there, I’m going to play it, document the games, and then do what I can to *de-power* it.

It’s easy to find ways to make decks better. Forums are full of suggestions, and there are podcasts, blogs, and videos all over the place showing you how to optimize your deck. What I want to do here is the opposite. How many people started playing EDH with a pre-conceived notion of how the format should be, only to slowly realize that the social aspect and the concept of “fun” changed from “Palinchron combo!” to “Epic four-hour slug-fest!”?

Those are the people I want to talk to, because I was one of them. I want to work through finding that happy medium from *both* spectrums.

So there you have it. Two projects, two angles, one similar result. Please, by all means – hit up the comments to let me know what you think, where I should start, what I should include in my builds, and anything else that comes to mind. I want these builds to resonate with you, after all.


-Okay, so I was a bit off on my projection of Modern Masters. Good lord, is this set packed with EDH goodness. I didn’t get any product on preorder, but I am signed up for two sealed MM events at GenCon. Regardless of anything, I really wonder if this set is going to do what WotC designed it to do. Considering the Kamigawa dragons are featured prominently, I’m actually not at all sure exactly what that design plan is to begin with.

-M14 is looking like a solid set as far as EDH playables goes too. It’s early still, but I’m incredibly excited about the first spoilers. Plenty of solid cards to add to existing decks, and some very promising things to complain about at length. That’s my definition of a solid set!

-Mr P and I have been discussing the M14 rules changes that have been the talk of the EDH town in the last week. I’m with him in that I love these changes for what they do to open up lines of play and design for EDH. I know it’s early still, but has anyone tried to play with the new rules yet? How does it play out in reality?

-We’ve finally made good on our long-standing threat to update the points list and rules for Wednesday Night EDH at Worlds Apart. The points list is more simplified, and for the first time ever, we’ve reinstated the ‘general damage’ rule. Stay tuned for a breakdown of the effects as we get some more time to digest them. Data is out there; last week, while I was ruining people’s lives with Melek, Mr P managed to take an entire table down with general damage. This is going to be interesting.

Okay…that’s it for now. There’s a swimming pool calling my name. I’ll see you all next week.