Hey Cass,
I was sitting back this morning watching our amazing little boy as he happily played with his toys in the front hall, and I started wondering how we’d turn out in the next twenty or so years.  What kind of a father would we end up being to him?  Would we guide him to do the right things and teach him the correct important things in life the way our father did?  Would he have other brothers or sisters?  And where would we be living?  What would we be doing?  (Has our golf game improved at all?) 
From there, I started thinking about mortality.  Would our parents still be around to see what kind of a man their grandson has grown into?  Would we still be around to teach him how to drive a car and watch him graduate and go to college?  
Yeah…pretty grim stuff to think about on a Thursday morning, I know.  So I started thinking about what you’d think of us if you knew where we were in 2012.  I know we had the same sorts of thoughts back then.  I will say this – one thing we learned eventually is that tomorrow is always a surprise.  I don’t have any better of an idea of how things will play out now as we did back in the day. 
But it’s pretty damn good so far.  It really is.
So I’m sitting here writing to us to let you know a thing or two.  We’re not the most confident person to ever live, and I’m hoping that maybe I can help us out with that.
(Just trust me on this one.  You’ll sleep better for the next eighteen years if you go with this.)
The reason I’m looking at twenty years is that we’re coming up on two decades of playing Magic.  You should know that our life changes pretty drastically once Mike shows you those cards that day after school.  I’m going to talk about that game quite a bit for a few reasons in this letter; primarily because it’s still going strong these days, and we’ll be focusing a ton of time on it over the upcoming years.  Also, it totally drives our readers nuts when we stray off topic. 
Oh…right.  Yeah, we write.  A lot.  I was just as shocked as you are right now when that took off.  In fact, consider taking it easy on the caffeine for a while, because we’ll be better off if we don’t build up immunity to it too quickly.  It’s going to get us through some long nights in the future.
Anyway, here are a few things to know and look out for in the next twenty-odd years.
-Before we dive in: Yeah, I said ‘front hall’ and ‘our son’.  That should answer those two questions.  We get there on both counts.  A few things to know: He’s amazing, and he will blow your mind and melt your heart every day of your life.  
Also, the sonogram technician who said she was “99% sure it’s a girl” probably shouldn’t play the lottery.  Tell Nina to stop looking at pink stuff before the invitations go out for the baby shower.  It’ll save you about six trips to Holyoke Mall. 
-When you guys decide to start house-hunting, do yourselves a favor.  Wait a full year, and make a reasonable offer on that little farmhouse you saw the first time you went out looking.  You’ll save a year’s worth of gas and headaches.
One important note: the home inspector is full of shit when he says the furnace is okay.  Get a second opinion.
-Back to that Magic thing: Mike was spot-on.  The game is absolutely fantastic, and it’s only getting better with time.  (Wait until you see planeswalkers and the new card faces.)  Buy the store out when you head down to pick some up.  Also, don’t listen to him when he tells us to skip Antiquities.  It’s not all reprinted in Revised.  And I know Candelabra of Tawnos and Mishra’s Workshop both look pretty un-inspiring, but trust me – stick them in a binder and hold on for dear life.
-I’ll figure out a way to time-travel back to 1994 and kick your ass if you go ahead with trading that Tundra to the shop for Juggernaut.  Consider ourselves warned.
-On that note, do ourselves a big favor.  Take all of those Shivan Dragons, Serra Angels, Force Of Natures and Lord of the Pits and trade them at school for any land that says “T: Add either X or X to your mana pool.”  It doesn’t matter at all what mana symbols are in there.
-Don’t sell them.  Like ever.
Legends is coming any day.  It’s going to be big and horribly under-distributed.  Buy everything you can.
-Unfortunately, Wizards is going to make a mistake in trying to rectify the issue, and Chronicles is going to be the result.  When trying to decide what to do with the stuff we open from Legends, a good rule is “If we’re not playing it and isn’t called “Mana Drain”, “The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale”, “Moat”, or “Karakas”, it’s probably okay to trade it off.
-Knock it off already with trading our Time Walk.  Buy one and hold onto it.
-Actually, that goes for any of the Power 9 we get over the next few years.  Don’t kid ourselves; we’re never quitting the game, so knock it off with the selling the collection as well.  Either of the two sets of Power we’ll get our hands on will be worth way more in the future.  Add them to the binder in the closet and let me handle things later on, and we’ll be driving a BMW instead of a Subaru right now.
-It’s a bit off-topic, but showing up to high-school dressed as our Shadowrun character isn’t a good call.  Neither is the fluffy pink bathrobe, and in a few years, three different colors of hair dye out freshman year in college.  It seems cool, but trust me…it’s not going to help us score.  The goal is to someday actually have a kid, for chrissakes…
-There are a few noteworthy expansions coming up.  We’ll be seeing The Dark and Fallen Empires in pretty short order.  Do ourselves a huge favor: take that cash, skip buying boxes of either set, take the money and go out for a nice steak dinner, and then save the rest for Urza block.  Trust me here…you can pretty much light our wallet on fire and end up with the same amount of value as you’ll get from either set.
-We’re going to keep looking for more legendary creatures in each set released over the next few years.  They’re kind of our thing, I know.  This is incredibly relevant in your future.
-While we’re at it, please start brainstorming and writing about this game a bit when you find the time.  It’ll really help out in the future; we sucked about waiting until the last minute to do things back then, and not much has changed since.
-For the love of all that is holy, you’re not sick.  I promise.  If you are, it’s a cold, not a life-threatening disease.  Knock it off with the hypochondria.
You probably should think a little bit about our eating habits, though.  Losing weight after age 30 is a pain in the ass.  Just saying. 
-We took a few significant breaks from the game over the years; After Ice Age released, we hit college and discovered girls, alcohol, and being in a band.  
Do. Not. Change. This.
Seriously, we’re going to experience some pretty cool things in the next few years.  We’re going to go to some great places and meet a ton of cool people.  There are going to be some relationships that last our whole life.  We’re going to make some mistakes, and we’re going to get some things right.  We don’t want to miss out on this stuff.  
The takeaway here is that we’re going to be playing Magic for a very long time, but I don’t want us to miss out on everything else we’ve seen and done over the years.  We’re going to share stages with bands we’ve grown up listening to.  We’re going to drive around the country playing music with our best friends and our brother.  We’re going to get into fights, and we’re going to meet our future wife all because of this stage in our life.  (When you’re in line at the Weezer concert in Portland, don’t change a thing we did.  She digs us no matter what we end up doing.)
It’s not anything I want to miss out on for any reason.  You’ll understand once we get there.
-Speaking of college…film theory?  Seriously?  You’re killing us here, man.
-Back to the cards.  We’re going to crack open Jace, the Mind Sculptor at the Worldwake Prerelease.  I know $40 seems like a great way to make a quick buck.  Please wait a few more months before shipping it. 
Tarmogoyf is not a crappy bulk rare.  We were very wrong. 
-Just for the hell of it, log onto MTGSalvation.com sometime in September of 2009 and make a ‘wild speculation’ that Wizards of the Coast will be randomly inserting old-school staples like dual lands and Power into the first print run of Zendikar.  
I really just want some internet bragging rights.  No other real reason here.
-Oh yeah…’internet’.  You know what?  You’ll figure it out.  I’m tired just trying to figure out how to explain it.  At the very least, do us a big favor – research how to buy a domain name, and purchase “Google.com.”  You’ll thank us later.
Anyway, I guess there’s a whole bunch more I could tell us right now, but the more I think about it, the more I don’t want to ruin the surprises. 
We turned out pretty good, all things considered.  You did just fine, so no worries.  The last two decades have been a blast, and I’m really looking forward to the next twenty…whatever they bring us. 
I’ll see you when you get here.