Theros is turning out to be one of the coolest, most flavorful sets of all time.  It’s certainly one that I connect with more than almost any other I can think of; I could care less about horror themes, or feudal Japan or whatever.  But Greek mythology?  Sign me up!

In honor of Theros, I…

…well, I totally chickened out and dropped the ball, that’s what I did.

  • Prereleases attended: 0
  • Release events attended: 0
  • Packs opened to date: 0

I apparently took the release of the coolest set of all time, and chose that moment to stop throwing money away and refine my approach to picking up the cards I need for my EDH decks.  I suck.

The theory is sound, though; I typically identify a handful of cards that I want for my decks, and then promptly go buy a Fat Pack or something and get none of them, on top of being forced to buylist whatever I pulled (usually at a loss) in order to order the stuff I actually want.  Other than Boros-fest during the Return to Ravnica prereleases, I haven’t finished in the money of a prerelease event in a very long time.  We’re probably talking Shards of Alara – or older, even.

I’ve also come to discover that I don’t particularly handle sealed and draft events very well.  I think I’ve come to recognize that I like having control over my deck as much as possible, insofar as I can always play the right selection of cards to overcome any expected obstacles.  Chance still exists, but losing to mana screw in a Legacy event beats the crap out of drafting the best deck I possibly can and failing to the kid who ripped three on-color bombs with all the right support cards for them.

That drives me into a rage, and I’m starting to recognize that it’s in my best interests to avoid being enraged.  (Blood pressure and all that…)

Moreover, I don’t have much fun when I lose in a competetive event like that.  This all might be the reason I’ve re-connected with the Legacy format; at least there, I can feel perfectly justified about doing broken things and not lose my mind if some kid hits runner Boros Reckoners in both games.

So…no limited play.  The other portion, as alluded to above, is shopping.

My close friend Chad finally convinced me to do the right thing and stop giving away my money.  I was to take the Fat Pack money, log on to the online store of my choice, and just buy the cards I want outright with that money.  I love cracking packs, but this is really the way to go in the interest of conserving cash flow.

So I did just that.  Last Friday, I gave a shot, placed an order for a Force of Will and a set of Dream Halls for the Legacy Omni-Tell deck, a Steam Vents for the Zedruu Judo list, and then tacked on the Fat Pack money for some Theros singles.  The mail came today, and I’m now staring at a pile of nearly everything I want from the set.  (I say “nearly” because I’m trying to figure out if any of this stuff goes into the all-foil Prime Speaker Zegana metagame hate deck.  I’m tossed up on Prophet of Kruphix and Swan Song; the former is great and probably goes right in, while the latter might not be any better than, say, Flusterstorm.  I can’t tell.  And I’m in the hunt for a foil copy of Curse of the Swine, which does make the cut absolutely.)

Here’s what the rest of the pile looks like:

Ashen Rider

Ashen Rider goes straight into Karador, since that’s the only deck I have that supports the colors.  I suspect that I’m on to something with Ashen Rider, as clearly no one else is playing this card in EDH or has thought of tossing it into a reanimator shell.  You’ll all be sorry when it is revealed that Rider is actually a good card.

You heard it here first.

Rescue from the Underworld is an experiment card for me.  I’m trying to spread the love around between my decks a bit (in an effort to avoid falling in love with a card and then jamming it in twelve decks at the same time), so this one heads off to Kresh.  Hey, it says “sacrifice” on it, and the flavor is too damn cool to pass up.

Reaper of the Wilds may end up in the same place.  Skullbriar would love the scry effect, but Skullbriar doesn’t really play cards that aren’t removal, draw, pump, or Skullbriar.  Kresh it probably is.

Melek and Friends

One of the copies of Steam Augury will be the initial life preserver I throw in the general direction of the Zedruu Judo monstrosity.  It will not be the last either.  That thing is having some serious work done, and it needs it badly.

The other copy and Spellheart Chimera will be en route to join Melek, Izzet Paragon.  Augury should require no explanation, while Chimera is a cheap beater that will seriously flourish in that deck, and give it a way to win in the end game that doesn’t involve a 20-minute turn.  This is a very good thing; I’ll probably actually want to play that deck again as a result without feeling like I’m boring the entire world to tears in the process.


Man, Sigarda, Host to Herons enchantress picks up so much in this set.  Honestly, I’m most excited about Gift of Immortality (again, flavor, although this is another way to make Sigarda a bigger headache than she already is…), but I want to experiment with bestow (Celestial Archon seems like the best of the bunch, even though that isn;t saying much in EDH) and the gods as enchantment-tutorable threats as well.  I have no clue on the weapons, but again…seems like something to try.  Considering Sigarda is a bit stale and fragile, some diversification might be in order.

Sheer Awesome

Last, but not least, here’s the awesome.

Colossus of Akros, a.k.a Cass’ Most Favorite Thing Ever, is sliding straight into Memnarch, where I plan to re-engineer the deck to focus on doing nothing but Prototype Portal-ing the crap out of the card.  There will be buckets of Colossuses.  (Colossi?)  I feel like I’m back in 1994 and hunting down a copy of Colossus of Sardia.  Super excited about this guy; did I mention that yet?

And that brings us to Erebos.  As it was pointed out, Bennie Smith did a serious number on a Nylea list last week on his StarCityGames column, and honestly, I sat there staring at it for about an hour trying to figure out what I’d do different.  Turns out the answer is, “Not much.”  Nice work on playing a bunch of awesome green beaters, Bennie!

So I’ve decided to go for Erebos.  What I know from last week’s Purphoros encounter is that these gods are really damn resilient, so building around Erebos should serve to provide a hell of a draw engine if properly supported with lifegain.

So…that said-

Where am I going with this list?  What do you all want to see in there?  I know I’m insanely jealous of Mr. P’s Sek’kuar, Deathkeeper list (which allows him to play his GDC tokens), so I needed to find a good home to run Promise of Power to do the same with my tokens.  Past that, lifegain to draw a boatload of cards.  And with those cards, I’ll…do what?

Help, folks!  I’m so blinded by the awesomeness of Colossos of Akros that I’m having difficulty brewing at the moment…