Hello, dear readers.  Welcome (or welcome back) to GDC.  Thanks for stopping by.

So I’m sitting here at my kitchen island, absolutely fuming after a rousing session of ‘pay the damn bills’.  Since it’s not actually possible to burn the credit card company responsible for issuing my wife a corporate expense card to the ground, I’m forced to sit back and stew instead.

(Good lord, I don’t understand how some people sleep at night in the finance world.  But I digress.)

There is nice upside to all of this.  I’m in the mood to complain like you read about.  In fact, like you might read about here on GDC, were you to search the archives a bit.  This used to be my forte, but I’ve softened up a bit in recent months.  Good things happening, happy times, and whatnot.  (Most importantly, no blood-sucking douchebags trying to charge 300% interest on a company-liability card.  Again with the digression…)

Anyway, long story short, I feel like bitching about things.  Welcome to the party.


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I think Star City Games has somehow cursed me.  If I try to sell cards to them, I end up with a seamless transaction in about three days flat every time.  It’s so easy.

However, the moment I try to sell to another vendor, things inevitably go straight to hell.  Great example – The first time I tried to sell to Channel Fireball, my order went missing, despite the fact that I had a delivery confirmation showing they signed for the package.  Customer service also took their sweet time getting back to me on my inquiries, and I was actually hung up on by someone in their offices.  Once the package “arrived” a week and a half later, I was docked for condition.  Keep in mind, this was a sell list submitted after the Worldwake Prerelease containing a Jace, the Mind Sculptor and a bunch of other cards that all came from packs and went into a hard plastic box.

I haven’t been back since, as you may have surmised.

Anyway, my good friend Chad does a heck of a lot of buying and selling of collections, and he keyed me on in CardKingdom.com’s fantastic buy prices and 30% trade bonus.  ‘Solid’, I thought to myself; ‘I’ll need to give them a try.  What could possibly go wrong?’

When SCG came up short on a set of much-needed Dream Halls (give or take the “much needed” part, considering how often I get to actually play Legacy) I decided to test the waters; I threw the Revised Underground Sea I picked up for $100 at GenCon into a hard sleeve, completed the transaction, and headed to the post office the next day.

Two padded envelopes were handed over to the USPS clerk; the CardKindom package, and a small sell list headed to Star City.  This was last Tuesday.

Based on the tracking information at my disposal, here’s what happened:

Package One – SGC.com

  • Depart USPS West Chesterfield NH Location – 9/17
  • Arrive Concord NH Sorting Location – 9/17
  • Depart Concord NH 9/18
  • Arrive Roanoke, VA Sorting Location  – 9/18
  • Out for Delivery – 9/18

Package Two – CardKingdom

  • Depart USPS West Chesterfield NH Location – 9/17
  • Arrive Concord NH Sorting Location – 9/17
  • Depart Concord NH 9/18
  • Arrive Catano, Puerto Rico USPS Sorting Facility – 9/20

Yup.  That’s the last update so far.  Well, played, SGC. <shakesfist>



I’m old, and my memory isn’t what it used to be.  Still, am I out of line when I seem to recall that Zendikar fetchlands were about ten bucks a pop this time last year?

It used to be the standard grind to grab fetchlands and shocklands for a new deck with relative ease, and then go to work grinding out a deal to get the necessary Revised duals to round the package.  Nothing to it.  Now, Polluted Delta is $80?!?!?  What the hell?  I’m looking at completing my Legacy Omni-Tell deck in time for the SCG Open in November, and it needs six to seven blue fetches?  Holy hell.

And my Prime Speaker Zegana list…It’s short a foil Misty Rainforest.  I was hesitant to buy it last year at $75.  Go, me.



With the printing of Theros, we finally have gods to play with.  This is something I’ve been looking forward to for roughly two decades.  Now, far be it for me to complain (not really), but there’s a big problem (Eldrazi) and an associated smaller-ish problem (Annhilator) getting in the way of full-frontal awesomeness.  I’m not pleased.

Now, we thankfully don’t have Emrakul, the Aeons Torn to deal with in EDH, and we won’t count Kozilek, Butcher of Truth (because really, who does?), so the benchmark becomes this obnoxious guy:


So, in comparison:

Power/Toughness: Ulamog is a 10/10.  Erebos, God of the Dead is a 5/7, and Nylea, God of the Hunt is a 6/6.  Not quite there.  EDGE – ULAMOG

Indestructibility: Everyone has it.  PUSH

Creature-Type Traits: As an Eldrazi, Ulamog gets Annhilator (4 in this case) and auto-shuffles your graveyard into your library if he ends up getting binned.  This is meant to be a kind of stop-gap protection against reanimation, but the trigger can be responded to, and in EDH, a graveyard shuffler is really a plus.

The gods all are enchantments only until a certain amount of other colored mana symbols show up on your board.  This means they dodge creature hate, but also that they rely on a large amount of other creatures sticking around before they can start attacking.  EDGE – ULAMOG

Other Abilities: Ulamog gets the Vindicate trigger, which is kind of a benchmark of sorts.

Erebos prevents lifegain, which is a corner-case in EDH anyway, but is a draw engine on his own.  Heliod gives your team vigilance, and makes really fragile tokens for a ton of mana.  (Heliod gets my vote for “god most likely related to Kozilek.”)

Nylea gives trample as a static ability, and can pump creatures – including herself.  Purphuros tosses a small amount of mass damage around as a triggered ability and gives the gang firebreathing.  Finally, Thassa offers up a recurring instance of scry, and also makes your team unblockable.

If I had to pick a single ability I would want out of the bunch, it’d be Vindicate, followed closely by Erebos’ card draw.  As it is, though, the gods bring quite a bit of extra baggage to the table, so I’m going with EDGE – THEROS GODS


Who Wins In A Fight?

In a vacuum, it’s Ulamog, since his annihilator trigger is able to kill off all of the Theros gods, but none of them have the ability to put a scratch in Ulamog.  EDGE – ULAMOG


Sorry, Wizards.  If they were printed a few years back, the Theros gods would rule all.  Unfortunately, Eldrazi are just a little bit more…well, god-like.  Kind of a downer for all of us Greek mythology fans, eh?

Speaking of which…




Damn straight.



I’ll be digging a ditch.  Literally.  And installing drainage piping to prevent my basement from flooding.  One of these things is far more awesome than the other, and the other one is slightly better than a root canal.



I recently made the statement that if I was drafting Theros, and I opened a pack that contained Ashen Rider and a foil Colossus of Akros, I’d take the Colossus every time.  How’s that for devotion?



I haven’t played a game of Magic, EDH or otherwise, since I finished my Sunday-morning EDH event at GenCon five weeks ago.  I made this statement last week in anticipation of the Theros Prerelease, and then could not make a single event over the weekend due to my own stupidity.  (When planning for things, it’s good to check dates.  And then check them again.)

I’m now hoping that I make EDH night on Wednesday this week, because I’m dying to play some games.  I have some fine-tuning of Kresh to happen still, and some real-world results for the Judo project from last week.  Both mean good writing material. This drought also sucks.

I’m really looking forward to Wednesday.

Did I mention I haven’t played a game of Magic in five weeks?



The Hammer 




.     .     .     .     .


Ahhhh…it’s good to be back.