Hey y’all!

Do you like EDH? We do! Do you like prognosticating? We do! Do you like free stuff? Boom!

As you may have noticed, over the weekend at San Diego Comic Con they spoiled the upcoming Commander 2014 Precons, which will be dropping in November. This year’s novelty is that each precon will be MONOcolored, and features a PLANESWALKER as the General. Oh dang! Also, each precon will contain a Legendary creature. The trick is the it was strongly hinted that both the Legend and Planeswalker in each precon will be characters that already exist within the Magic storyline, albeit ones who have never before been printed as Legends or Planeswalkers.

Right! Ok then! So anyways, here at GDC we like to try to get people all pumped up about things, so we’re running The GDC Commander 2014 Contest

Here are the rules:

1. YOU submit a list of your guesses for the PLANESWALKER and LEGEND for each color. Here’s a template for your submission; cut and paste it into an email and fill in the blanks:

White PW:
White Legend:

Blue PW: Teferi, Temporal Archmage
Blue Legend

Black PW:
Black Legend: Ghoulcaller Gisa

Red PW:
Red Legend:

Green PW:
Green Legend:

What could be easier? Look, you get 2 correct without even trying! You’re the best!

2. Submit your guesses to generaldamagecontrol@gmail.com.

3. WE will look over the submissions and calculate who got the most right.

4. The WINNER gets a FREE Commander 2014 precon of their choice! Boom!

BONUS!  Here’s a link to a listing of Planeswalkers from the Magic Multiverse.  Don’t say we never gave you anything!  (But you’re on your own with the Legendary creatures…) 

Hey, how about some Rules FAQ!

-What is the submission deadline?

Hey, I don’t care! Submit these whenever you want! However, here’s the trick: in order to get full credit, you have to submit your entry before any of the other cards get spoiled. Once a card gets spoiled on the internets, we will no longer give you credit for “guessing” that one. I believe the official spoilers for this begin some time in September, after Khans of Tarkir drops, but most likely some leaks will happen before then. Don’t delay!

-How will you determine tiebreaks?

You know, I though about this a bunch and polled Team GDC for suggestions before I realized that the simplest solution is the best: if we have multiple people tied for the most correct guesses, the winner will be whoever submitted their lists of guesses first. Again, don’t delay!

-Who is eligible?

I’ll defer to our legal department here, but if you are in any way part of the design team for the Commander 2014 Precons or otherwise have advance knowledge of this set, you probably need to sit this one out. Sorry!  (That nails it.  Oh, also – Please limit one entry per person.  We’ll toss out anything you submit after the first one. – GDC Legal Department)

-Hey, I live in (some country other than the United States)! Can I play?

It’s never stopped anyone in the past…sure!  Seems fine.

-How does Banding work?


OK then!

Submit those guesses to generaldamagecontrol@gmail.com and we’ll see y’all in like 3 months to announce the winners!(Winner to be announced as soon as the full release is officially spoiled by Wizards of the Coast.  Prizes ship within a few days of the US street date for Commander 2014 – GDC Legal Department)

->Mr. P