Defending the Commander Social Contract

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How Not to Combo Off – Ghave at a Crossroads

I’m at a deckbuilding crossroads. More Bone Thugs n Harmony than Devil Came Down to Georgia. I’m pulled in three directions: tighten up curve by shaving clunky fun cards; pull out mana-intensive haymakers that often snowball out of control to sub in more “weird, wonky, fun” cards; or more or less do nothing, just keep tinkering.

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Holidaze-Check Back Tomorrow

Do Memorial Day stuff. Reflect on sacrifice. Be with family. Thanks those who gave.

We’all get back with content tomorrow.

When We Took Apart EDH Decks

Hey!!!! Decks get stale or we butcher them for parts so we rip them in shreds and leave sad piles of cards all over the desk. BUT WHYYYYY? Here’s some thoughts from team members about decks they’ve taken apart and why. Maybe you’ll find some sweet tech to copy?!?

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Let’s Do Fun! Nothing-Banned-Commander Ultimate Project

Imagine a perfect utopia, a blessed, privileged world of EDH where you liked everyone in your playgroup as people, where everyone was in the roughly same ballpark as far as things that make for fun EDH games, and everyone was super chill and capable of having a great time gaming, even if someone did something that wasn’t on their “Fun” list. Now celebrate (for me) because Team GDC has created this perfect world.

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Hot Takes on Breaking News: Leo Banned, Protean Hulk Unbanned

Breaking News (That is now more than 12 hours old but hey this is how fast we can move!): the Rules Committee issues bans and team GDC wanted to share a few of our thoughts and arguments about it.

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Three Cards Deep – 06/28/2013

Editor’s Note: This piece was originally published on June 28, 2013. We’re flashing back to some of our best from the past several years every Friday, because what’s old is new again. I (Dave) don’t post much these days either, but I play, read, and argue with team GDC about EDH A LOT. So this is the very first in a series I used to do, in which I pick three random cards and evaluated them, trying to draw a thread between them. It was fun, but be nice; this was the first one.

(OLD Editor’s Note – Welcome aboard, Dave!)

Check it out-
Three Cards Deep: The Good, The Bad, and the EDH Ugly

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No Post Tonight – RATS

No post tonight. Too many bats are in our belfry. (Yes, we all share one collective belfry.)

Instead, here’s a question I lobbed up on Reddit to a big fat nothing.

What is the best three-color general for a Selenya deck?

For a number of reasons, GW is the color combination that has given me the most trouble as far as creating a decent deck that I like. I’ve tried populate with Trostani, Selesnya’s Voice, combo & control with Captain Sisay, ramp and birthing pod with Karametra, God of Harvests, hate bears with Gaddock Teeg, elf combo with Selvala, Explorer Returned, storm with Chorus of the Conclave, and Asmira, Holy Avenger voltron.

So my idea is to try something different and run a here color general but only g, w, gw, and colorless cards: basically a selesnya deck. I would love to try a legit aggro deck, pretty heavily focused on curving out, with but probably without an MLD finish. But if there’s a better (more interesting and dynamic moreso than more powerful) option, I’m open.
So anyone have any ideas for cool pairings?

<3 @MdaveCS

Two Takes on Tiny Leaders: Revisited

Alex: It’s been nearly two years since Dave & I wrote an article about Tiny Leader bursting into our hearts and mind. A lot has happened in two years since the inception, can you give our readers a quick recap of what Tiny Leader is?

Dave: Tiny Leaders WAS (I Guess for some people still is) this variant format of our favorite Magic variant format, EDH. Basically the same deckbuilding rules and restrictions applie, except no card can cost more than three mana mana, you start with 25 life, and decks are 50 cards instead of 100 (like 49 plus a general).

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Why Does It Feel Like a Homecoming

Cass brought us back on Wednesday and although the site doesn’t look quite right, we’re getting there (thanks in no small part to good homie Ryan Swaney. NYC Magic represent!).

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Generals That Deserve Their Bad Reputation – Selesnya Update 1/2/2017


Editor’s Note: If you’ve been keeping up with the setting for this project and want to jump right into what Sean has to say about Selesnya, just scroll down a bit. 

“Ugh, Arcum? OK Fine. Every body kill him first.” Ever heard something like that?

I’ve been working on this project on and off for over a years now, all thanks to an email I received in early May of 2015, requesting an article about Commanders that have bad reputations, how those generals earned the rap, whether it is deserved, how to fight against these commanders, and ideas to play differently using them to improve their reputation.

Today, we’re updating the Selesnya section of hated generals who deserve their bad reputation.

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