Defending the Commander Social Contract

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EDH Winner of the Week: Standardized Testing!

Here’s an Open-Response Question, just for you!

You are playing a game of EDH against your pet goldfish, Chuck.  Chuck has no cards in hand, and has just sacrificed all of his lands to Zuran Orb, ignoring that Forsaken Wastes is in play (He’s a goldfish, after all.)  There are no creatures in play.  

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Boot It and Toot It

The rules committee recently changed the Tuck Rule. You may have heard about it.

I personally don’t give two hoots about the new Tuck Rule, although I do think the part about how if your General would be bounced it can now go back to the Command Zone is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard.

What. The name has “boot” in it. Deal.

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And Now, Mr. P Reviews the Generals from Dragons of Tarkir

Oh hey! New set! It’s been awhile!

Wait, no it hasn’t! It was only like a month and a half ago that I was writing one of these stupid articles, and BOOM! New set, baby!

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EDH Winner of the Week: Cilantro!

Do you like analogies? Mr. P sure does!  This week’s EDH Winner of the Week is actually this week’s EDH Analogy of the Week. Tight!

Do you like cilantro? Mr. P sure doesn’t! Good lord! It tastes so assy! Why would anyone want to eat something with the consistency of parsley and the flavor of dirt?

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And Now, Mr. P Reviews the Generals of Fate Reforged

Time travel set! Everything is changing! In honor of this, I’m going to do something stupidly thematic for no real reason!  Since everyone is talking about Tiny Leaders, the new EDH format variant du jour, I’m going to include a section on how these new generals will affect Tiny Leaders.  (Please note: I’ve never played Tiny Leaders not once, and I have never met anyone who has.)

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And Now, Mr. P Reviews the New Generals from Commander 2014 (Bonus: Winner of the “2014 GDC EDH Precons” Contest)


What is the most obvious thing you can do with it?

Uh, Equipment.deck?

How does it compare to previous generals?

Oh good lord. Mono-white. Here’s a list of questionable cards I have seen people run in Mono-White in an attempt to have something resembling a draw engine:

Mentor of the Meek
Well of Lost Dreams
-any of the various artifacts that have “pay a lot of mana, draw some cards”

Hey wait, this thing’s +2 ability combos with Skullclamp! And with Mentor of the Meek! Tight!

Um, yeah. It’s mono-white. It doesn’t draw cards. Welcome to the party.

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EDH Lesson of the week!

EDH Lesson Of The Week!

Hey y’all!

Some of y’all may have notices the rousing success of my EDH Winner of the Week column.  A full disclosure: my strategy for writing EDH Winner of the Week is to play a bunch of EDH, and then focus on one card that did work as my Winner of the Week.

So, with this in mind, this week I want to skip the card and instead focus on the lesson that came out of this week’s games.

Here’s this weeks lesson:

Scary things scare people.

Have you ever played a Mimic Vat on turn 3?  How did that work out for you?  How about that time you tabled Serra Ascendant on turn 1?

Sure, some times you open like this and no one has any answers, and you just win. In my experience, what happens far more often is that someone plays something scary early on, everyone gets real nervous, and that player paints a target on their face that lasts far after the scary thing is dealt with.

So what’s the strategy here? Ha! Ain’t no strategy in this POS article, son!   Here’s the point, though: know that your scary things will scare people. If you don’t have any immediate plans to do anything with that Sunforger, then it might be a nice strategy to wait a few turns to play it.  Same things goes for that Cabal Coffers you played with two swamps in play.  Sure, it may not be doing much for you right now, but that doesn’t mean it’s not scaring everyone else at the table. Can you really blame them?

Scary things scare people.  Tell your friends.

->Mr. P

How The New FNM Thing Works (as explained by Mr. P, who doesn’t know how the new FNM thing works.)

As someone who spends a great deal of time playing, thinking about, talking about, Tweeting about, and occasionally writing about Magic, I’ll freely admit that I have absolutely no interest in watching streaming coverage of Magic events. Sorry!

So what this means is that when people started lighting up Twitter this weekend asking about what the new changes to FNM are, and specifically how this effects EDH, I of course had no idea what they were taking about.

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EDH Winner Of The Week – ???

Morph Token

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EDH Winner Of The Week – Aura Thief

Aura Thief

EDH Winner of the Week!

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