Defending the Commander Social Contract

Author: Wooberg

VIDEO: On EDH Origins

Magic Origins has been revealed as the final core set, and will show several planeswalkers as they lived before their spark ignited. Origin stories are always a blast and it got me thinking of my own EDH origin story. Today I’ll be showing you an up to date version of my very first EDH deck as well as a new deck that plays along the same themes but with the benefit of years of new cards and new experiences with the format.

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VIDEO CONTENT – Progentizing the Gods

EDH is a lot of things to a lot of people, and even a lot of things to one person (me). While I definitely enjoy fine tuning competitive decks that can take down a table with ease, sometimes I like to build lower powered decks that might lose a lot of the time, but can lead to some great stories.

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VIDEO CONTENT – Getting Started with EDH on MTGO

Editor’s Note: Jason has been working on this idea for a long time. After some technical difficulties and computers being evil, Jason is ready to bring you the first of what will hopefully be many interesting pieces of video content. 

Have you been thinking about getting into EDH on Magic Online, but been having trouble getting started? It can be hard to find your way around the program as a newbie. Even building decks and finding games isn’t as easy as it should be. If you’ve wanted to get into the best format online this year but needed some guidance, we’re here for you.

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Shared Triumph – Tribal Enablers

From Angels to Zombies, tribal decks are some of the more popular strategies in EDH, especially amongst more casual players. Who needs to combo off when you can assemble a massive army of like-minded creatures that can buff each other and stomp all over your opponents’ defenses?  In this new series, we’ll explore tribes famous and unknown, and find out which are powerhouses, which are fun durdlers, and which should be better left in the bulk box.

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Build It or Beat It – Slivers

With the release of M15 and Sliver Hivelord, one of the most feared tribes in EDH has a shiny new toy, so you’re sure to be seeing more of these little guys. Or big guys. With the ability to combo off or quickly become a massive horde, slivers are an imposing force, but they are not unstoppable. In this post I’ll guide you through building and playing a sliver deck as well as how you can exterminate these pests before they take over the Multiverse. 

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