Last year, I wrote a New Year’s resolution article on this site:

In summary my resolutions were:

  1. Fill my deck box
  2. Update and finish decks
  3. Double the size of the local commander group
  4. Promote players to veterans
  5. Get GDC mentioned on a major site

Let’s see how I did.

1: Fill my deck box

This was an easy and quick resolution to accomplish. My deckbox is currently overflowing with Commander decks, thanks to budget builds. I have Arcum, Daretti, Mishra, Hannah, Shirei, and Jor Kadeen in the box with Rhys, the rest of the C14 commanders, and a sealed Jeleva deck sitting on my shelf.

2: Update and finish decks

I accomplished and then unaccomplished this one. I finished off several decks, and then got bored with them and finished new decks, because the finishing of decks is more interesting than having finished decks.

3: Double the local Commander group’s size

Amazingly, the Commander group locally did double in size. The group is mostly pizza-shop based, and beer is now an essential component to Commander nights [Editor’s Note: Sean is clearly part of one of the best Commander groups in the country.] I can’t take credit for this, aside from occasionally posting in our local Facebook groups. I think this mostly has to do with new Commander decks being present, and how players showing up regularly naturally encourage other players to build.

4: Promote players to veterans

Anyone who follows me online may have noticed that my online presence has shrunk substantially this year. I am getting quieter online because I have been focusing more on local groups. (I never rebuilt my ‘gift box’ as I threatened to last year though.) The groups locally are mostly casual and offline; this is a bit of a mixed effect, but overall, I have been happy with how Magic has been going there.

I guess it just highlights how difficult it is to keep up multiple hobbies both online and in real life.

5: Get GDC on a major site

GDC did get mentioned on a pair of major websites this year. (The first time was kind of cheating, as Cassidy was the person who mentioned us on StarCityGames in a Dear Azami piece…)

Alex and I got featured in one of Cassidy Silver’s articles on For me this was also a bit of cheating, since Cassidy Silver and I have known each other for a while and have recorded together. Still, it was nice to have the exposure.

The real goal was getting more traffic to the page. No article of mine seemed to do that better than the one that wasn’t specifically about Commander. [Editor’s Note: 5,404 hits in one day!]  To be fair, I wasn’t even aware of the number of readers because of the small number of comments on the home page.

Behind the scenes, Dave has been running Reddit exposure for GDC. There are currently over 150 comments on Reddit about that article. It was amazing to see such a response, and I hope we got some loyal readers out of it.


New Resolutions

This year, I really want to accomplish every resolution fully, so I am going to keep them simple and see what I can do.

#1 – Get some new Magic cards.

Most of the cards in my decks predate Alara block. I am finding myself getting out of touch with newer players because we are building with different card pools. This year I want to get into the new Magic sets and build around them.

#2 – Go to GenCon

Pretty self-explanatory, I guess. If you are going, hit me up and we can nerd out.  [Editor’s Note: If you missed it, Team GDC has a house rented already, and most of us will be there this year.  We’ll see you in Indianapolis – July 30th through August 2nd!]

#3 – Get excited about Magic

I feel like I am in a rut right now. I am an artifact deck builder, and haven’t had many new ideas. This year I want to get inspired to play and build again.

#4 – Play Commander with every Twitter follower and reader who comes to GenCon

If you want to play Commander at GenCon, leave a comment, email me, or tweet me. I will find a way to play Commander with you. [Editor’s note: I think everyone at team GDC who is going to GenCon can really get behind this one. We’d love to grab games with readers or just dork out about anything. Hit us up; except for Kaka, we don’t bite.]

What are your Magical new years resolutions this year?  Tweet them to me @swordstoplow