Nine months from my first GenCon and emotions pull me apart. On one side, excitement has me wishing the event came sooner. On the other hand, my to-do list continues to grow along with my anxiety over failing to accomplish my goals.

The event itself should be epic. We all already have the time off and accommodations. Once I buy an airplane ticket, I’ll be completely invested in going with basically nothing to worry about aside from deciding what awesome things to do at the convention. More importantly, I need to decide and build what I will be bringing to play EDH.

I have a constant desire to help and support the groups I am attached too. This translates both in my professional and my hobby lives. In my profession, I spend most of my time figuring out the best way for other people to do their job that is easier, faster, and more productive than what they currently do. These are why I love my career. Giving someone an extra few hours a week, or few days a week is the most rewarding professional experience. In hobbies, I aim to help my friends be prepared for events or just help them have a better experience all around. For team GDC going to Gencon, I am going to provide the decks that we will be testing our meta-breakers against.

The Test Decks

I do not have exact deck lists for any of these at the moment. You will be getting the lists as we put them together as a team. These decks are going to be the most knock-down, drag-out, tuned decks we can imagine. They are supposed to represent competitive players who have decided the best “EV” from the day is grinding away at us defenseless casual EDH players.

Many of these decks cost their weight in gold, and I am not planning on playing this outside of the testing we need to do to be prepared. That means that I will be proxying up these monsters. If you have ever played with proxies, you know that they can be annoying to use. They don’t look like the cards you have gotten to know and it can slow down games when you are used to going off the picture. We will be using sharpie proxies that look a bit like this:

flagstones proxy


So far the decks we are preparing for are:

Arcum Daggson and Edric are decks I already know, so I’ll be tuning by current decks into something a little more cutthroat. The rest will be mostly sharpie.

The Meta Breaker Decks

Cassidy mentioned earlier that he will be bringing a meta-breaker deck. I will be bringing two decks that will try to accomplish the same thing, but take very different approaches. The decks are still in the planning phase, but I’ll get you these lists as soon as they are ready.

The first deck will be a Grixis Anti-Naseum deck. It is going to have a total converted mana cost of less than 40. The main plan of the deck is to copy Ad Naseum when someone tries to cast it and use that effect to win. The deck itself will not contain the dreaded card. So, if everyone plays fair it will be a casual deck. It’s only when someone tries to use an “I win” card that this deck will really shine.

The next deck is inspired by a judge friend of mine, @platypusjedi. It is a Zedru chaos deck. The objective is to have enough chaos effects in the deck that only judges and someone practiced with the deck will have any idea what is going on or how to do anything with the permanents that are out. My hope is to have a deck that makes doing anything so difficult that the spike players get frustrated and give up.

Just for fun

In addition to preparing competitive decks and anti-competitive decks, I will also be bringing a few normal fun decks. I haven’t decided exactly what I want for this yet. If anyone has any ideas or something they really want to see, mention it in the comments or message me @swordstoplow.

I’m not concerned about having fun at Gencon, so all this preparation is more of a way to stay excited than anything else. I hope to see many of you there; we will keep you up to date on all developments along the road to Gencon.