Defending the Commander Social Contract

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Hot Takes on Breaking News: Leo Banned, Protean Hulk Unbanned

Breaking News (That is now more than 12 hours old but hey this is how fast we can move!): the Rules Committee issues bans and team GDC wanted to share a few of our thoughts and arguments about it.

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What Sheldon Got Wrong – A GDC Response to “The Social Contract”

Recently, Sheldon Menery posted an article on about what the Rules Committee (RC) is trying to do with the format as of late. We would like to thank Sheldon for taking the time to try and clarify goals of the committee, and the theory behind how decisions are made; without his willingness to be open, we couldn’t have a proper conversation on the topic of the role of the RC as it applies to the current state of Commander.

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What Does Everyone (Even You) Think about the SP Ban?

So the banhammer etc etc. And [Card]Sylvan Primordial[/card] is down.

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And Now, Mr. P Provides the Postmortem on Sylvan Primordial

It's Been Fun

I remember when we broke up (with Prime Time)
Saying this is it, we’ve had enough (because like)
He’s in every single green deck ever (and those)
Decks all needed a space (what?)

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