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The Grimgrin Project pt.1 – Unpacking and Goals

Okay…here’s the start:


Everyone should be familiar with “Sworn To Darkness”, the Commander 2014 mono-black pre-con.  This one was sitting on my shelf collecting dust, and I wanted to turn it into a Xiahou Dun, the One-Eyed deck as part of a “metamorphosis” project. 

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Khans, C14 Red, and the 2014 Holiday Gift Box

I’ve said it before, and as a member of the global Magic community I have no problem saying it again – Christmas doesn’t just come once a year. We’re already on Christmas number three – still reeling from the recent string of sweet new toys released with the first set in the Tarkir block, the annual Commander product that’s only weeks old, and more recently by the 2014 Holiday Gift Box being only a few days old; we are buried in a landslide of new cardboard. The wonderful folks over at Team Wizards have been awesome enough to send me a few bits and pieces from these recent releases so that I could share some of my thoughts and impressions with you all.

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Commander 2014 – First Impressions (Release Events, and Going Big Green)

Commander 2014. *sigh*

I hate to let down fans of my regular and incessant complaints, but I’m pretty universally excited about this set.

(I know, I know…I’m Googling “Hell Freezes Over” as we speak to try to find a weather report.)

Here’s the thing – Wizards of the Coast really did it right this year. Commander 2014 has hit in a way that is very much unlike the two previous releases. Let’s take a look:

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