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The Thing That Should Not Be – Part 5

Some people like their fried eggs sunny-side up and nice and runny. Some people prefer theirs over easy and solid. Some people like their boiled eggs all runny and googly (yeah I called them ‘googly eggs’ as a kid when I dipped my toast soldiers in them), while others like them hard boiled.

Similarly, some people rave on about watching a sunset, seeing the colours play across the sky as the photons are bent and diffracted through the atmosphere. Personally, I prefer a sunrise – the calm and peace before the cacophony as the world rises (truly best with an Irish coffee in hand).

Here’s the best thing about a sunset, though – I know a sunrise is coming.

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Taking On A Mono White Challenge

Information in Commander is one of the greatest resources we have. When new cards are spoiled, players take off to build around them in optimal ways. With new cards like The Locust God and The Scorpion God, this can be exciting as the community sifts through endless cards to find the best fits.

But what about some old rusting cards that have been neglected over time?

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Pressuring The Table

Mono-red legendary creatures may have the most open designs in Commander. While red may appear to be linear, it has a ton of potential. There are classic aggressive decks that most players think about, but red also has control, combo, voltron, token, tribal, gimmicks, and even chaos decks. Honestly, red is definitely lacking in some departments – such as scaling creature removal (see the Lightning Bolt Problem) and drawing extra cards. But with artifact support, red has all the bases covered. Even better, red has a lot of natural synergy with artifacts for control, voltron, and combo potential.

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Dirt Beats Rocks

Mana. We all need it. We all want more of it. Sometimes, we get flooded and that’s annoying, but secretly we like it because when we finally do get some gas we can just FLOOR it.

The worst thing that can happen to your game is to be starved of mana. Not being able to cast your spells is possibly the worst feeling in the world.

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Approaches to Deckbuilding: New Player Edition

Welcome to my newest Approaches to Deck Building article. Today, I’m focusing more on players newer to Commander who are struggling with their deck building, or just want a few more tips to get going. Learning to play Commander is tricky, but when it comes down to it, learning to build a deck is even more difficult.

I’ve discussed the “My First EDH” approach here as a teaching tool, and how to get players into the format here. Today is about actually building a deck.

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How Not to Combo Off – Ghave at a Crossroads

I’m at a deckbuilding crossroads. More Bone Thugs n Harmony than Devil Came Down to Georgia. I’m pulled in three directions: tighten up curve by shaving clunky fun cards; pull out mana-intensive haymakers that often snowball out of control to sub in more “weird, wonky, fun” cards; or more or less do nothing, just keep tinkering.

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When We Took Apart EDH Decks

Hey!!!! Decks get stale or we butcher them for parts so we rip them in shreds and leave sad piles of cards all over the desk. BUT WHYYYYY? Here’s some thoughts from team members about decks they’ve taken apart and why. Maybe you’ll find some sweet tech to copy?!?

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Approaches to Deckbuilding

You’re excited to build a new deck. You have some ideas, a couple hidden gems, and the joy in your heart that only deckbuilding provides. But how do you get from your ideas to a fully-built deck?

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EDHrec is Not Ruining EDH

My fellow GDC writer James argued on Friday that “EDHRec is Ruining EDH,” explains his personal view of EDHRec as an agent that stifles creativity in EDH. (Editor’s Note: People read it, thanks to shares from the community! And some people disagreed with James.) I am here to offer the rebuttal that EDHRec is simply a recommendation that players utilize for deck building, a tool that can be used creatively or not.

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EDHRec Is Ruining EDH

Y’all ruined Atraxa. Just putting that out there. This is an open-ended legendary creature that screams to be built around in a ton of different ways, and I was absolutely pumped to build them all when she was first spoiled. But then CMDR16 landed and Atraxa shot to the top of the EDHRec pile, and she’s stayed there ever since. And every deck is jammed with every Planeswalker that fits her colours, and the Oaths, and Doubling Season.


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