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The Planeswalker Tsar: Dragons of Tarkir & M:tG Origins

It seems as soon as I switched over here to GDC that I have been inundated with real life stuff and have been having trouble finding time to write. I basically spent the whole month of June finding a new apartment, packing up to move to said apartment, and then moving over the course of the last week of June. In short: moving is soul-wrenching. I’m now somewhat settled into my new place but there is still painting, unpacking, and setting up a new internet connection. Hurray adult things! 

I’ve been itching to get back to writing and what better way to jump back in then unearthing The Planeswalker Tsar?

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The GDC Un-Review of Dragons of Tarkir

As of last Friday, Dragons of Tarkir is available for purchase at your favorite local game store, online at a vast number of wonderful Magic-specific retailers, and…er…well, Target and Walmart. (Let’s hear it for big box stores!)

Here’s the thing – you’re likely expecting a set review. And we refuse to deliver.

Well, sort-of, anyway.

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Of Missed Opportunities And Elder Dragons – A Brief (But Angry) Rebuttal


Wizards of the Coast touched a nerve for Erik on this one.  Lesson learned – get him mad about something, and he Hulks out and curses like a pirate.  Be warned…)

Wizards of the Coast – thank you! Sincerely, I thank you for printing more Elder Dragons. Despite my age, I have been playing Commander since Time Spiral was printed. I had a Nicol Bolas deck at one point, as I could get my hands on an actual Elder Dragon.  Since then, creatures have gotten much better, but the Elder Dragons have not aged like fine wine.  Even Bolas is expensive and clunky with the upkeep demand.

But now, WotC has given us new Elder Dragons! Let us Rejoice!

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