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Pulling Punches

Hey there troopers! I’m going to take a quick interlude from exploring storm conditions in EDH for the week. We’ll be back on that track next time. Today I want to talk about being an old hat wizard slinging spells with newbie mages.

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Black Sheep – Life After Tuck


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EDH Lesson of the week!

EDH Lesson Of The Week!

Hey y’all!

Some of y’all may have notices the rousing success of my EDH Winner of the Week column.  A full disclosure: my strategy for writing EDH Winner of the Week is to play a bunch of EDH, and then focus on one card that did work as my Winner of the Week.

So, with this in mind, this week I want to skip the card and instead focus on the lesson that came out of this week’s games.

Here’s this weeks lesson:

Scary things scare people.

Have you ever played a Mimic Vat on turn 3?  How did that work out for you?  How about that time you tabled Serra Ascendant on turn 1?

Sure, some times you open like this and no one has any answers, and you just win. In my experience, what happens far more often is that someone plays something scary early on, everyone gets real nervous, and that player paints a target on their face that lasts far after the scary thing is dealt with.

So what’s the strategy here? Ha! Ain’t no strategy in this POS article, son!   Here’s the point, though: know that your scary things will scare people. If you don’t have any immediate plans to do anything with that Sunforger, then it might be a nice strategy to wait a few turns to play it.  Same things goes for that Cabal Coffers you played with two swamps in play.  Sure, it may not be doing much for you right now, but that doesn’t mean it’s not scaring everyone else at the table. Can you really blame them?

Scary things scare people.  Tell your friends.

->Mr. P

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