Defending the Commander Social Contract

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Approaches to Deckbuilding

You’re excited to build a new deck. You have some ideas, a couple hidden gems, and the joy in your heart that only deckbuilding provides. But how do you get from your ideas to a fully-built deck?

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Removing and Rebuilding Banned List Pillars

When I wrote my last article, I was aiming to tackle some of the problems in the Commander banned list approach the Rules Committee (RC) uses.

Then, Wizards made a giant change to Commander for MTGO.

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Quick Hits: Banned List, Extort, Culling the Herd, and What Could Have Been

Life has come at me a little faster than usual this week, so I didn’t have time to tackle a full length article; instead, I’m doing a few quick hits to highlight a few things worth talking about:

  • I want to get people thinking about the banned list because next week I plan on tackling the pillars in more detail and discussing how we can free more cards from EDH jail.
  • After some brief banned list banter, I blather about the bothers of extort being more insidious than realized and quite dangerous.
  • I’m culling my herd again and there are cards that really should be legendary.

Dig into these bite sized bits and let me know your thoughts.

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Changing Gears by Changing Focus

Have you ever had a deck that just doesn’t work for some reason? When you go over the decklist, there are no glaring holes; if you break things down into categories like ramp, removal, card advantage (tutors and the like go here), recursion, synergy, and win conditions…it all adds up.

But somehow, when you’re playing the deck, it just repeatedly falls flat. Despite several games, you still cannot figure out what is going wrong.

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The Bystander Effect – And a Vial Smasher Decklist!

The bystander effect is a fascinating and horrifying psychological phenomenon. The bystander effect, or ‘bystander apathy’, is an effect where people are far less likely to offer help to an individual when others are nearby. In crowds and groups, responsibility is diffused across the group; this leads to each individual feeling like someone else is going to offer help or offer better help. The bystander effect can be especially threatening when someone is in danger.

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Earning the Win and Ego Defense

Welcome back! This article is inspired by a conversation I had with my girlfriend Liz, after I lost a game to her. I was playing Kaseto, Orochi Archmage and sneaky snakes; I had a sizable army out, dropped a land (missing my Lotus Cobra trigger), made enough snakes unblockable to attack, pumped the team with Tribal Unity, and blasted past Liz’s defenses.

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