Defending the Commander Social Contract

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Groups, Getting Lucky, and Ghave

My Ghave deck is perfectly fair and reasonable. It is also the bees’ knees amazing. You should all agree.

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The Problem With New Commander Players (From A Grumpy Old Players’ Perspective)

There’s a very real learning curve that most Commander players will follow as they become acclimated with the format. It’s safe to assume that most everyone reading this will be somewhere on this timeline right now; put simply, everyone starts with a preconceived notion of what Commander is, and that view then changes the longer they play the game.

Usually, this vision is most affected by what is and isn’t acceptable to those people a player shares a metagame with; put simply, the longer you play Commander, the more you develop a feel for what you want out of a game, and that should shine through your communication, deck construction, and actions, until everyone in your metagame reaches a rough parity. This is the Social Contract at work.

That said, what happens when a new school of players enters into an older metagame? Well, it can often be problematic. (Ask me how I know.)

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What To Do When Commander Goes Stale

Have you ever reached a breaking point with EDH?

Have you ever had a moment where you just go, “You know what? I’m done. Screw this.”

Have you ever ripped apart your entire collection of decks in a fit of overwhelming frustration and anger after a night of some really unsatisfying games, which capped a terrible day that started with some really annoying car troubles that never quite went away, magnified by the pending need to spend about $3K to get both your car and the wife’s minivan to pass inspection, on top of a really bad week or two of work, and a washing machine that leaked, ruining the carpet and the sub-floor and requiring several days’ worth of demolition and expensive rebuilding just to be able to wash a damn pair of jeans without being overcome by the stench of mildew?

That can’t be just me, right?

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