Defending the Commander Social Contract

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Using Marginal Gains Theory in Commander

Improving is hard. Like really hard. When you rarely see any meaningful changes it can dissuade you from continuing to invest hard work. To challenge the urge to give up,  you should create different ways to set goals and measure progress. Many tournament players do this. They focus on improving a single matchup and measure results, or they focus on learning the archetypes in a limited environment to know what they should seek. But focused improvement is something that Commander players tend to engage in only passively. To actively engage in improving, we need to change our approach.

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Vicarious EDH

As some of you know, Dave and I have been playing in the same EDH circles for the last couple of years. Our usual group meets up on Monday nights, but occasionally some of the group meets up for Alt-EDH night for some extra games during the week and to accommodate those who miss on Mondays. Dave has had a lot of real life stuff going on right now (all super awesome cool stuff), and even the secondary nights have been tough for him to make. I’ve been sending Dave some highlights from nights entitled “Vicarious EDH”, and today I’d like to take it a step further with a full game log of our game last night. (Editor’s note: I pretty much hang on every word of Jon’s generous post-gaming tweets. When you can barely find time to brew in your head, distracting yourself at work with 140 characters of EDH shenanigans is teh bestest.)

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Table Politics Part Two – Incentives

It’s all well and good to understand how players’ identify threats. But do you have any chance to influence that process?

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Next Level tech

Sometimes, when I’m playing with my friends at my dining room table, I get looks for “always having an answer” (even though, like most magic players, I have an answer roughly half the time). [Editor’s note: Welcome back Imshan!!!!!!! We haven’t heard from our swarthiest member in a while. Hope everyone enjoys his wisdom.)

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Black Sheep – Mulligans


Mulligans can be a headache in all forms of magic. Knowing how to mulligan properly separates mediocre players from players who win tournaments and take down Commander Tables.

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