Kaka is making the scene at Grand Prix Sydney this weekend.  Stay tuned for plenty of  Magic goodies from Down Under!


0630 Central Australia Time – Sitting at Adelaide Airport waiting…

Adelaide Airport - 6am

Adelaide Airport – 6am

Hey all! It’s that time again here on the Australian Magic scene – our second Grand Prix of the year. Unlike you lucky folks up in North America, we’re pretty lucky to get one or two GPs a year, so when we have them, they are a pretty big thing. I’m writing this from the gate at Adelaide Airport, oddly one of my favourite places in this city. Shortly (read: in about an hour) I’ll be winging my way eastward to Sydney (that’s East Coast Australia for anyone not in the know – yes, the one with the weird bridge and the silly pointy Opera House) to join the rest of the thronging Aussie M:TG scene for a weekend of pounding face, slinging cardboard and getting hammered with mates and mate-ettes.

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