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Holiday Throwback #4 – The “F” Word

Kaka said it best:

…One article that really forced me to think this year was “The F-Word”.  It’s one of those pieces that really forced me to think about what EDH means not just to myself, but also to others. As such I bitch less about being tanked by the red zone. But I also use that new thought to bridge a gap with others in communication about what we love about the game. It’s good mental food for thought.

Thanks very much, Kaka.  I really appreciate it.  This one was very near and dear to me. 

Without further ado:

Originally Posted Here – “The ‘F’ Word”

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Holiday Throwback #3 – On Useful Decklists

Today’s throwback is one I’m a huge fan of.  Commander is such a top-down format that it’s very easy to get lost in flavor and card choices and end up with a deck that is unbalanced, can’t support its own choices, or worse.  After all, there’s nothing more frustrating than pouring hours and hours into a new build, only to show up to EDH night and end up mana-screwed and unable to even get a foot in the game.

Sean looks under the hood here at actual numbers and shares his templating to ensure decks not only look good, but work perfectly as well.

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Holiday Throwback #2 – How to Do EDH Theory

In general, I feel that the average quality of EDH writing currently being produced is a bit low, and there isn’t much of it either. However, the stuff by Jason Rice on Brainstorm Brewery, most of it under the “A Unified Theory of Commander” umbrella, is the perfect combination of pragamatism and high-level thinking for my EDH dollar (despite the fact that i end up disagreeing with a lot of his conclusions). In that spirit, I wanted to hearken back to one of our most read posts of 2014, in which Cass takes issue with the foundational theory that kicks of YToC. Dig in, hit us up, and go read Jason’s stuff. Now if only someone would apply this systematic approach to playing the game….

Happy Holidays



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Holiday Throwback #1 – Where It All Began

Thanks for tuning in!  While we regroup and gear up for the new year (and my god, do we have plans!), we’re going to dig into the vault and shine the spotlight on some hits from days past.  If you’ve never read them, these articles should be worth your time to dig in on.  If you have read them…well, read them again, dammit.

To get started, I decided to take y’all back to where it all began, three long years ago in Blogspot land (For reference, I was still referring to myself as “DJ”) –  The first real post to grace the pages of  If nothing else, it’s worth it so see how far we’ve come.  (Again, my god.  Thanks for sticking it out, everyone.  Really.)

Happy holidays, everyone.



Originally posted here – “If Anyone Was Wondering How To Grossly Mis-assess Threats In EDH…”

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