Defending the Commander Social Contract

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The King And Arlo Podcast – Ep.1

And now, for something completely different-

The King and Arlo Podcast is available for download here! 

GDC Podcast #8 – Maiden Voyage


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GDC Podcast #7 – A ‘Storm Is Brewing


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The GDC Podcast Episode 6 – Welcome To The New Age


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GDC Podcast #5: Complainatron 5000 – Kaalia, Goodstuff, and Staples

Check it out. Podcasts two weeks in a row. Woot!

Download GDC Podcast #5 by clicking this little number.

In this edition of Grumpier old men who play EDH, Cass, Sean, and Mr. P discuss EDH, the issue of staples and goodstuff, Kaalia of the Vast, what qualifies as a staple, and silly prices.

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GDC Podcast #4: Things are getting serious


Check out GDC Podcast #4 for your listening pleasure, available to download here.

This week Cass and Sean (@swordstoplow) added Dave to the mix for a discussion of mana curves in EDH and a debate on the 75% concept for deck building proposed by Jason Alt on

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GDC Podcast #3: A bit of what you fancy

Oh hey!

You know how we said we were going to slow down on content because of stuff? Ha! Just kidding!

The last time some of Team GDC got together for a podcast, it involved releasing the Kraken Spiced Rum and talking about…something. (Here’s a link to Podcast: The Second, and to The First One.)

This time around, we enlisted Sean (@SwordsToPlow) for a little discussion about some more stuff. We sure do like to talk about stuff!

Here is Podcast #3 for your enjoyment. Download it here.

Stealing a bit of tech from our buddies over at CommanderCast ( here’s a quick overview of the content covered, because that’s how we do it here (apparently.)


We discuss the new EDH Precons for 26 minutes. I won’t tell you how much of it is devoted to complaining about oversized foils, but it’s in there. Other things we talk about related to the EDH Precons: the new generals, what sorts of games we think Wizards thinks we are playing, homogeneity, popularity, and why Sean wants them to revisit Splice onto Arcane (well, he strongly implies this.)


We discuss “growing the brand”; how to build and improve your playgroup. Sean mentions kicking a puppy, Cassidy talks about his past as a Dirty Combo Player, and I use the words “emblematic” and “Mind Crank” in the same sentence. If you’re not already downloading and/or listening to this, you’re probably doing it wrong.

As ever, thanks for listening, and please ghost us up in the Comments to let us know how much you agree with us, how wrong we are, or why I should have activated that Relic of Progenitus.

Y’all are the best!

->Mr. P
Mr. P is one of the least respected writers and deck builders to ever desecrate a website. His articles influence people at the local game store to quit playing and/or punch him in the face, and an entire city hates him.

GDC Podcast #2; Win a Commander 2013 Pre-Con!

First things first, folks-

The GDC Podcast #2 is complete. Download it here.

Mr. P and I are coming with the raw tracks once again.  We’ll figure out how to edit this things and add music and fireworks and whatnot at some point.  For now, we got together this past weekend to watch the Patriots lose, consume some fine cheeses, and figured we’d turn the mic on while we were at it.

What we discussed:

  • Theros!  Now that it has had some time to settle in, how has it been received by the EDH format?  We talk cards, mechanics, and Cass’ complete inability to make a good mono-black deck.
  • Releasing the Kraken!  (Spoiler alert – the Kraken wins.)
  • The Hydra!  Theros Game Day was this past weekend, and Wizards of the Coast has released the ”Face The Hydra” deck to the public.  Mr. P and I put it through the paces with a few two-on-one EDH games, and report the results and the changes we made to even the playing field.

It’s a good time!  Take a listen.  The next time around, we’re going to get Sean involved, and who knows…we may edit it as well.  Keep your fingers crossed.

While we’re here-

Anyone Want To Win A Commander 2013 Pre-Con?

That’s right.  It’s been a while, and we felt like marking the release of the Commander 2013 Pre-Cons with a giveaway!

The details:

This is a deckbuilding competition, pure and simple.  Put your best foot forward, and come up with a complete decklist based on one of the new generals from the Commander 2013 Pre-Cons.  We like details, so give us a little write-up on what you’ve got going on with your list.

Anything goes, but be warned; that goes for the judging as well.  The entire GDC team – Imshan, Dave, Sean, Mr. P, and Cass – will be reviewing all the lists, convening, and deciding on a single winner.  You know we all come from different places as far as what we like (and don’t like) in an EDH deck, so be prepared, and bring your best.

We’ll be going over the decklists the weekend following the release of the Pre-Cons: November 2nd and 3rd.  We’ll announce a winner on the regular Monday post on November 4th. 


The winner is taking home a copy of the ”Eternal Bargain” Esper pre-con.

Send all entries to generaldamagecontrol (at)

Good luck, everyone!


GenCon ’13 Week: Something About A Podcast?

Oh hey!

So we’re pretty excited for GenCon.

There’s a lot of stuff going on this week, and we’re going to start aggressively talking about Gen Con tomorrow, but first there’s this!

Welcome to the first GDC Podcast!

This is admittedly new territory, as neither Cass nor I had ever done a podcast before.  Usually the poor souls who are subjected to our endless pontification are the people around us, who do not have the convenient option to not listen to whatever we are complaining about that week;  the idea that people will voluntarily choose to listen to our blather is interesting and amusing to me.

So anyways, last weekend Cass and I sat down at his kitchen counter, cracked open some beverages and recorded our thoughts on a few issues.  I don’t want to spoil any of the awesome surprises in store, but suffice to say the first 13 minutes or so are about what “Defending the Social Contract” means, the next 3 minutes are something we will both be trying to disavow ourselves of in a few years, and the last 15 minutes or so are about Land Destruction, which connects to the Dear Azami article from last week.

We had a lot of fun recording this thing, and we probably do another one as soon as we find some other obscure beverage to sample and/or things to complain about.  As we mention several times, we really want people to comment and we are really unsure how people typically respond to podcasts.  Again, we’re learning.  Ideally, we’d love for you to listen to this thing and then offer us feedback on the following:

-how did we do overall?

-what suggestions can you offer us to do better in the future?

-what points that we made resonate (or don’t resonate) with you?

-and most important, what obscure beverage should we sample next?

Thanks!  We will be back tomorrow with some thoughts about GenCon, and then we’ll be on site for the rest of the week and weekend.  It’s gonna be tight!

->Mr. P

(Oh, and until Cass figures it out, the comments are stuck in “Administrator Approval” mode, meaning they get submitted but don’t actually post until we approve them.  Don’t let that deter you from commenting!  We love you!)


Grab the podcast here.

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