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Playgroup Evolution: Preparing for the Next League

Welcome back to Playgroup Evolution! Delighted to have you. This week I’m going to discuss some changes to the point system that I have been brainstorming for East Coast Gamers (info here or here). I’ve noticed several achievements never being reached, which means one of two things:

  1. Their point values are not high enough to make it worth the effort.
  2. The they aren’t worth the points because they assist opponents too much.

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Playgroup Evolution: Poker Awards

Welcome back to Playgroup Evolution, dear readers! This week we’ll be delving into the poker-themed awards that my point system is using. These advanced awards have been triggered a few times and are among some of the more difficult to achieve; however, these awards have been the ones that people remember both the names and what they do most. These are ones that people can immediately recognize and say “Adam got Straight…mark it, Bobby!” which is really awesome for me.

Before we get going on the whole article, let’s go over what awards exist now.

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Evolving a Playgroup – Mass Land Destruction Debate

Something strange happened this week. The point system lead to some debate. From my perspective it was a strange debate that I really didn’t understand. Hell, I honestly still don’t understand after having plenty of time to clear my head and really think about their side.


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Evolving a Playgroup: Using the Feedback

Welcome back!

This week, collaborative points in a league system. Over the past couple weeks (as of writing this), my local game store has been testing two different point systems. It has been a little less than successful; the current challenges are around the amount of points earned in a game and the awards actually being used.

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Welcoming Erik – Playgroup Evolution: Exploring a Point System

[Editor’s note: Say hello to Erik Tiernan, the final new addition we’re going to introduce for now. Instead of spending words on his own intro, he’s diving right in with his look at an EDH league and point system.]

My LGS is going through a transition with Commander, as we realized there was a problem with the prize payout for the games.  

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