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2015 Resolutions – Hatching My Plans

Hello everyone!   It’s the start of a brand new year…that time of the year when everyone makes grand plans about the next 364 days to come. Hatching Plans

You may have a short list, or you may have a long list; on New Year’s Eve 2016, you might look back at this year and reflect on the resolutions you’ve made, and on those that you’ve missed. Whatever the case is, I strongly believe in having a set of goals to achieve, because then you have a direction in which you proceed. 

With that, I’d like to share my MTG-related goals for this year!

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Black Sheep – Newer Year, Magical-er Resolutions

Last year, I wrote a New Year’s resolution article on this site:

In summary my resolutions were:

  1. Fill my deck box
  2. Update and finish decks
  3. Double the size of the local commander group
  4. Promote players to veterans
  5. Get GDC mentioned on a major site

Let’s see how I did.

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