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And Now, Mr. P Reviews the New Generals from Magic Origins

White Jail Man

What is the most obvious thing you can do with it?

Wow! Nice starting point! This thing is terrible!

How does it compare to previous generals?

Mono white has a long history of terrible Legends. Meet the newest member of that pantheon.

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And Now, Mr. P Reviews the Generals from Dragons of Tarkir

Oh hey! New set! It’s been awhile!

Wait, no it hasn’t! It was only like a month and a half ago that I was writing one of these stupid articles, and BOOM! New set, baby!

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Brave New Year – Part 2

(Editors’ Note:

Welcome back to Kaka’s Fate Reforged set review. Part 1 can be found here.  Enjoy the show!


Staying with blue, as blue gets all the toys-

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And Now, Mr. P Reviews the New Generals from Commander 2014 (Bonus: Winner of the “2014 GDC EDH Precons” Contest)


What is the most obvious thing you can do with it?

Uh, Equipment.deck?

How does it compare to previous generals?

Oh good lord. Mono-white. Here’s a list of questionable cards I have seen people run in Mono-White in an attempt to have something resembling a draw engine:

Mentor of the Meek
Well of Lost Dreams
-any of the various artifacts that have “pay a lot of mana, draw some cards”

Hey wait, this thing’s +2 ability combos with Skullclamp! And with Mentor of the Meek! Tight!

Um, yeah. It’s mono-white. It doesn’t draw cards. Welcome to the party.

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Black Sheep – Evaluating Spoilers


I enjoy spoiler season. Hope and possibility fill the air. These magical times each year bring with them a tide of deck building inspiration.

Spoiler season, however, creates an unfortunate side effect with full set reviews.

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Mr. P’s Definitive Guide to the new Generals from Journey into Nyx

(Editors’ note:

All business, this one. Jumps right in. Enjoy this one…it’s a good take on the new toys.

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Team GDC Presents: Born Of The Gods Set Impressions (Bonus Content: Mr. P’s New Generals Review!)

At the time this article hits the internet, there will be roughly 24 hours before hardcore Magic fans have their hands on the first Born of the Gods cards at midnight Prerelease events.

Others will be asleep. (Either way, it will be very exciting.)

So you’re here to see what Team GDC thinks of the new set, and its EDH applications. We intend to deliver just that. (Sort of.)

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