Defending the Commander Social Contract

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Mental Cesspool 5 – Command and Conquer

Hey there everyone. It’s Unkle Kaka time; once again I’m vomiting out my own blend of madness. Last time we took a quick interlude as I needed to rave and rant about being an older and experienced player trying to play nice with newer and less-experienced players. Today, we’re sliding back into the realm of storm decks and Commander. Specifically, I want to look into the viable Commanders for a storm strategy.

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Mental Cesspool 4 – Spellslinging Synergy


Welcome back to part four of my ongoing exploration into combo decks in EDH!

In the last installment, we talked about how to engineer mass numbers of spells played in a turn. We talked about whether it was better to run spells through free casting agents like Omniscience, to focus on building an infinite mana production engine, or if it was better to simply rely on synergy engines to grind mass spells out.

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Mental Cesspool 2 – The Storm Is Brewing

Welcome back, folks!  Picking up from last time, hopefully you all remember I started talking on the subject of non-creature, non-two-card-monte kills. We talked about different types of non-redzone kills available, which included X-CMC spells, Rube Goldberg engines and Storm-like effects.

What I would like to do today is to delve deeper into what actual viable kill cards we have available.

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