(Editor’s Note: Apologies for the delay in publishing this week.  We’re experiencing some pretty heavy real-life time requirements on several fronts this week, so we’re a little light.  We’ll make it back up to you next week.


(Editor’s Note, Pt. 2: Welcome to Talking Strategy.  Erik is spearheading this first article in what I think will be a series that we all will add to over time, meant to take a relatively light ‘a la carte’ look at in-game topics and issues, rather than deck construction.  These are things that may be easy concepts, or may be things you’ve never thought much about, but will be easy to pick up ant take with you into your next game.  Hope you enjoy!


Maintaining Defenses

Keeping up defenses is something that isn’t nearly as useful in a duel as it is in multiplayer Magic. Blocking barely happens in 1v1 games because the trade in resources rarely works in favor of the blocker. Commander is different; we have far more chump-block worthy creatures to toss in front of the bus, and even though we get the benefit of a much higher starting life total, there are more threat sources to offset this benefit.  Maintaining proper defenses can keep your life from reaching a precarious total and putting your game at risk.

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