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Two Takes on Tiny Leaders: Revisited

Alex: It’s been nearly two years since Dave & I wrote an article about Tiny Leader bursting into our hearts and mind. A lot has happened in two years since the inception, can you give our readers a quick recap of what Tiny Leader is?

Dave: Tiny Leaders WAS (I Guess for some people still is) this variant format of our favorite Magic variant format, EDH. Basically the same deckbuilding rules and restrictions applie, except no card can cost more than three mana mana, you start with 25 life, and decks are 50 cards instead of 100 (like 49 plus a general).

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Tiny Leaders – A (Slightly) Dissenting Point Of View

By now, most of you out there have had some exposure to the new sub-sub-format that is Tiny Leaders. It has seen major exposure on the bigger sites, lots of blog lip service, and plenty of forum/Twitter/Reddit exposure.

It’s a thing. Whether it sticks around for the long haul is up for discussion, but for now, be prepared to see plenty of it around.

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