Today’s card is Bloodbraid Elf. Fun fact: I misread this card when it first came out and called it “Blood-brained Elf” for over a year. Immediately, Cascade makes me think about running the cascade deck-Yidris, Maelstrom Weidler or Maelstrom Wanderer at the helm, trying to chain as much value as humanly possible. I nearly built the Yidris cascade deck until I played against one. Not so fun. But cascade alone isn’t actually that bad. Bloodbraid Elf will often ramp you or find some recursion, removal, or some utility. A four mana 3/2 with haste that draws a card would probably see play in EDH, but I think we shy away from cascade options too often. The toughness is low for EDH, but with some pump effects the card is fantastic. Plus it is a possible Pauper EDH commander, and free stuff is amazing.