Happy Sunday. Blame the editor for the delay. Commander Comments is my homage to Aaron Forsythe’s Random Card of the Day. I click “random” on the Gatherer and talk about the potential uses of one of the thousands and thousands of possible cards in our beloved format. Ready for Haunting Apparition?

I suppose this scales with the late game if you have some opponents in green. The challenge is the template which specifies selecting an opponent, so some value is lost. But it could actually be better than it seems. How many green decks rely on dinky value creatures, whether ramp effects like Wood Elves, fixing like Yavimaya Elder, or tutors like Elvish Harbinger? If you are facing this strategy semi-regularly, Haunting Apparition can be a boon. It’s cheap, evasive, and in great colors for drawing to your black wrath effects. Many green decks lack early flying defense so you can get several hits in early. Late game, when there are large graveyards, Haunting Apparition is terrifying. Sure, Meren has lots of creatures in the graveyard, but you’re attacking for eight or nine damage with a three-mana creature. That is value! Blue and black decks often have an endless supply of late game options, so it’s the early game where a cheap creature that can scare off an attacker and get in for damage is most useful in these colors. Time to delve into a common/uncommon box at an LGS.