Man the old art was confusing & awesome!

Happy Saturday! This is Commander Comments, my homage to Aaron Forsythe’s Random Card of the Day. I click “random” on the Gatherer and talk about the potential uses of one of the thousands and thousands of possible cards in our beloved format. Reprisal Time!

Seriously, what is with the four-power theme on Random? I had Radiant’s Judgment not too long ago. In Commander, Reprisal is almost always an upgrade over our card of the week from May 13th. Creatures with four or more power are almost always the only things worth killing in Commander. Reprisal is cheap, stops regeneration, and has a drawback the format all but ignores. But what I most want to discuss is the mana efficiency. Too often, Commander players use the biggest version of a given effect when a more efficient one will improve the deck. Make sure you check your costs and look for the best options available to you.

This card is criminally underplayed. Decks with black may not need Reprisal, but this is a stellar option in W/R or W/U, even W/G can use Reprisal well. If you are worried about the card being redirected to your creatures it is easy enough to use Doran, the Siege Tower and Assault Formation to make low power creatures useful. Add in Crackdown or Meekstone and the deck can hit hard.