Welcome to Commander Comments,  where we pay homage to Aaron Forsythe’s Random Card of the Day.  Since I can’t talk about R&D, here’s the deal:  I click “random” on the Gatherer and talk about the potential uses in our beloved format. Time to move away from the staples and get some creative juices flowing. Ready?

Today’s card is Snow-Covered Plains. I hit a land again. But I can totally run with this.  Extraplanar Lens– abuse the ‘same name’ clause!

Okay that’s out of they way. I love the Snow-Covered lands. They’re gorgeous in the original Ice Age and in newer (relatively) Coldsnap version. The originals evoke a snowy morning feel for me, while the newer ones harken to Skyrim – and I’m still playing that game.

Snow covered lands also enable some fun tricks like running Into the North which defintely should be played more (fetch the snow duals!) and stuff like Rimebound Dead or Phyrexian Snowcrusher. Of course the best effects are Rimefeather Owl, Rimehorn Aurochs, and Rimescale Dragon. When you add snow lands to your deck, make sure you take a look at extra ways to gain value from them.