Welcome to Commander Comments where we pay homage to Aaron Forsythe’s Random Card of the Day. Since I can’t talk about R&D, here’s the deal. I click ʺrandomʺ on the Gatherer and talk about the potential uses in our beloved format. Time to move away from the staples and get some creative juices flowing. Ready?

Today’s Card is Spawning Breath. Oh boy – this random EDH thing is getting harder.

The good news is that it’s an instant. If you are really trying to have the redundancy  of needing more mana for turn 3, I guess this can help. But this card is extremely underwhelming. If loads of utility creatures with one toughness are lurking in your meta, then I suppose this may have a place. But I’d prefer Gut Shot or Geist Flame – or even better, Arc Lightning and Arc Trail.

So how does this little token maker help? When you are going deep into sacrifice effects. Many decks with Grave Pact will add Blood Pet, and using the eldrazi spawn and scion producers is often better. They may not be as mana efficient, but they make mana on their deaths. They can also have more impact with global pump spells since many spells will produce multiple little eldrazi.

Try it out, and see if the explosive potential is worth it.