Happy Saturday. In Commander Comments, my homage to Aaron Forsythe’s Random Card of the Day, I click “random” on the Gatherer and talk about the potential uses of one of the thousands and thousands of possible cards in our beloved format. I think I see a Thalakos Seer now!

Toady’s card is Thalakos Seer. I’m pretty sure Tempest started the whole “like flying but different” thing with shadow, horemanship, and some other evasion. Shadow is really solid in duels and a liability in Commander. On certain cards it is bonkers, but not being able to even chump block can leave you pretty vulnerable. However, dipping into shadow creatures is amazing. They’re particularly effective with Voltron strategies, offering an unblockable back up plan.

Thalakos Seer may not do much, but an unblokcable creature that replaces itself on death is good. With a sac outlet and some recursion, you can do a pretty good loop. But the real thing is this makes me think about crazy art decks or a deck around madness. Like U/R mad science. Maybe Ludevic and Kraum take the helm of a deck all about the horrors of science gone wrong. There’s a surprising amount of material if you take a look at some older, Urza-based cards.