Commander Comments is an homage to Aaron Forsythe’s Random Card of the Day – so here’s the deal. I click “random” on the Gatherer and talk about the potential uses in our beloved format. Isn’t variety grand?

Today’s card is Scrounge. See not every card in Darksteel was a broken piece of crap. Scrounge is bonkers against voltron decks and allows a fun judo-ish approach to dealing with big scary artifacts. Naturalize that Sword of Value and Stuff, Scrounge it to my side, beat you over the head with it. Scrounge can also do fun stuff when someone cracks a Mind Stone or its bigger brothers. The opponent may get to pick, but just like using Tariel, Reckoner of Souls, some targeted graveyard hate (Withered Wretch says, “Hi”) allows you more control than you might expect. The decks where this effect is needed are rare. But the decks that want to screw with opponents are many. I’m sure Sen Triplets decks would have a field day using this after they kill their own card. Pile on the misery. This is also good to use in a forced bad choice deck featuring Choice of Damnations.