Oh hey!

It’s Monday! Guess what happens on Friday?

That’s right, another round of EDH Pre-Cons! In order to celebrate (and because Cass had an insane weekend), it’s time for some audience participation! Here’s a few questions that we want to hear YOUR thoughts on!

Y’all are great!


QUESTION 1: The new EDH Pre-Cons are coming out! In case you haven’t figured it out, this is about to bring a bunch (more) new players to the format.

-How does this make you feel?


QUESTION 2: The popularity of EDH has created a market in which cards previously worth a dollar are now worth $10 (Decree of Pain, Duplicant and Mind’s Eye say “hi!”). Dependent on when you bought in, this has either drastically increased the value of your bulk rares, or made it much harder to build new decks.

-How does this make you feel?


QUESTION 3: A new player shows up at your local game store. They just bought one of the new EDH Pre-Cons and are playing the format for the first time. They ask you to tell them about the format.

-What advice would you give them about the format?


QUESTION 4: (obligatory EDH Precons questions!)

  •  Which decks are you picking up?
  •  Which cards are you most excited about?
  •  Is your LGS (hopefully) selling them at retail?
  •  Do you have loyalty issues that will stop you from buying them from WalMart or Target?


As ever, we’re psyched to hear from you, our lovely readers! I will answer these question sometime tomorrow, and hopefully all the other writers will weigh in as well! EDH Pre-Cons market research! Get at us, world!  Comments section below; you know what to do.

As a reminder, we’re giving away a copy of the “Eternal Bargain” Commander 2013 Pre-Con!  No strings attached; follow the link for the details.  Less than a week to finish your submissions!

-Mr. P