But hey…the spoilers are ramping up.  That’s something, right?


Two new spoilers for the Commander 2013 release hit today. MTGCommander.net kicked things off with Derevi, Empyrial Tactician, the new Bant general.  Not to be outdone was Chris Klewe, former Minnesota Vikings punter and extremely avid gamer in general (Check him out on Twitter – @ChrisWarcraft ), who had this to drop on the unsuspecting public:

Oloro, Ageless Ascetic is the Esper shard general.  What was interesting is that Chris has access to to packaging:

I couldn’t help but ask the truly important question:

Sadly, Chris was able to confirm what we were likely all fearing:

So it seems like all of the begging, pleading, and calling on Wizards of the Coast to release regular-size foils this time around fell on deaf ears once again.  Sorry, folks…there’s always the hope that there’s some Commander’s Arsenal-type release or a judge foil or something will get you a foil copy of one of these things.

Did they miss the boat here once again?  Hit up the comments with your thoughts.