What’s this? Weekend content! Welcome to Commander Comments. This little series is an homage to Aaron Forsythe’s Random Card of the Day where he would flick through Gatherer and discuss lessons and thoughts on the card from a developer’s viewpoint. I can’t discuss card development because I don’t work for WotC (I would if they want to hire me. Trick do you read our site? Blake?) so I don’t have some kind of inside scoop. Instead, I can talk about the one area of Magic that I know well: Commander. So here’s the deal. I click “random” on the Gatherer and talk about the potential uses in our beloved format. Time to move away from the staples and get some creative juices flowing. Ready?

Today’s card is Wolf Pack. This is a Portal Three Kingdoms card which is it’s biggest drawback. The card costs about $50, when the very simlar Thorn Elemental is cheap and was a promo during Seventh Edition. However, not all is lost. Wolf Pack is a really sweet card. By itself, it’s a little fragile but evasive. This is definitely worth seeking out if you’re struggling with planewalkers. Wolf Pack even has a functional reprint in Deathcoil Wurm in case you want to make a functional reprint deck (I couldn’t afford them for mine). But the real place this shines is through inspiration. Wolf Pack isn’t too impressive, but an aggressive green deck with Lone Wolf, Rhox, Thorn Elemental, Tornado Elemental, Gurzigost, Pride of Lions, Deathcoil Wurm and Wolf Pack backed with plenty of Overrun effects can wreck a table. Get out there fast and let nothing stand in the way.