Good morning, everyone.  Happy Monday!  As I sit here at home, getting started with the holiday shopping season by having the furnace people do an emergency servicing on my boiler to stop it from spewing carbon monoxide into my basement, I figured I’d toss out an early update on the Thrax contest winners and the Gifts Given donation.

(Aside: Owning a home is awesome.  And by “awesome”, I mean “I’d rather schedule a root canal and a colonoscopy on the same day.”)

First off, the donation.  Currently on the way to sunny Canada is this guy:

Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest, even if you didn’t submit a full list; the sideline conversations I had with some of you on deck construction were pretty cool.  Hope this helps the cause, Andy!


With an “s”.  I’m good like that:

Imshan, (aka Sinis) from Commandercast
-Patrick, (aka Mr.P, Bloodpuppy11, and a host of other aliases…), good friend of GeneralDamageControl

These two took the challenge of re-building my failed Thrax’ list in two different directions.  Imshan deconstructed my original list, pulling out quite a bit of overpriced chaff and tuning it to run quicker and more resiliant.  It’s leaner, meaner, has *way* more synergy, and…you know, it actually does stuff now, which is a 100% improvement on the original.

Patrick submitted multiple lists (awesome, by the way), and I chose a killer ground-up reimagining of a dedicated Zombies tribal list out of the bunch as the best.  I was taken with the fact that, while I don’t typically build tribal lists, this one was strong in synergy and looks to be able to stand against some pretty strong decks, and no other list I received went dedicated tribal, so it wins on style points as well..  Outside of the box, and I dig that. 

So both of you have won the contest, and you’ll both be getting custom alterations as a result.  I’ll be doing dedicated posts for each deck coming up in the next few days, with notes from the designers, thoughts, and hopefully some real-world test drive results.  The finished alterations will be featured in the future as well. 

Thanks again to Commandercast, and to everyone who helped by pitching in with a list here.  I really appreciate it, and I’m sure the Child’s Play team will as well.

Stay tuned…