Book-keeping before we get started – standard rules apply:
-First off, I’m moving off the finalized Sharuum Community Project decklist reveal and discussion until next week.  I’ve received some really solid lists so far from some of you, and I’m excited to see how you took what I roughed out and ran with it.  I’m actually having a hard time deciding where to go with these; I could see running any individual one of them unaltered.  In fact, I might at some point…
Anyway, the other thing I received is a few of you regular contributors asking for a small extension to finish up your lists.  This is really your project, so I’m not going to shut you out at the eleventh hour.  But please do hurry.  
Get ‘em in before next Monday.  I mean it this time.  For reals.
-I’m putting the finishing touches on the questionnaire for those of you who contributed to the Sharuum project.  Not to repeat myself too many times, but this should be a cool way to end things and reward you guys.  Look for the e-mails next week.
-Finally, I’ve gotten a few great replies in regard to my request for writers and subject matter.  Please – keep it coming.  I still want to hear from you if you’re interested in contributing either way.  I’m going to open up some lines of dialog with everyone who has replied sometime next week.  
Stay tuned.
.   .   .   .   .
It’s spoiler season again, folks.  Avacyn Restored is set to release in about a month’s time, and the Wizards Of The Coast hype machine has kicked things off by spoiling the name-brand character for the set: Avacyn, Angel Of Hope.
(Image courtesy of Of The Coast)
If you’ve read GDC for any real length of time, you know that I’m a sucker for big, splashy creatures.  Avacyn certainly doesn’t disappoint.  Now, she’s already being talked about to death on the various regular forums, so I’m not going to waste time with a run-of-the-mill “single card discussion”-style breakdown here.  Instead, I’m flipping the script. 
-With all the light in the background of this art, the foil version is going to be fantastic.
-Speaking of art, I’ll put the over/under at eighteen hours from midnight on Friday, April 27th before someone posts an altered version featuring Storm of the X-Men.
-That’s an interesting take on a mono-white angel who’s about to become the savior of an entire plane of existence.  No wonder the speculation had her as a black/white legend.
-Sorry, Mr. P…you’re still stuck with Selenia, Dark Angel.      
-This art is making me want to bust out my old Cure CDs. 
-Er…for what I imagine are the majority of my readers, The Cure was a pop-goth band that was really big in the 80s.  Remember “Just Like Heaven”?   
-Sorry…also for what I still imagine are the majority of my readers, CDs were the DVD-looking things us old people used to listen to before the invention of the MP3.  You’re welcome. 
-Avacyn doesn’t replace Radiant as my mono-white angels tribal general – she’s just not old enough, rare enough, and foil enough – but she slots right in somewhere.  Probably in place of Deathless Angel, although I like the utility of being able to make other players’ creatures indestructible.  
-Maybe it replaces some other crappy angel in there somewhere.  Of which I’m sure there are many.
-I am, however, incredibly excited now because I kept Light From Within in the deck.  Seems like good times.
-Yeah, I’m also putting her in my Kaalia deck.  Feel free to reply to comments with “Pot, meet kettle” once you get down to the Worldslayer part…
-I guess I’m not up on the flavor of the set, but I’m not understanding the ability selection.  Flying, sure.  Indestructibility, right on.  Vigilance?  Can someone help me on that one?
-I know it’s been said, but in any deck that supports both white and green, Spearbreaker Behemoth is now obsolete.  I’m really looking forward to pairing Avacyn with Empyrial Archangel.
-On the down side, legendary status kind of hurts in this scenario.  I don’t want my combo susceptible to Clone effects.
-Whoever sets the pricing on pre-sale cards at any of the major vendors (ahermStarCityGamesahem…) is out of their damn mind putting her at $15.
-Stock tip, people:  Open at the Prerelease.  Sell.  Re-buy a few weeks later at a fraction of the price.  Profit!  
-Draft bomb, or too expensive?  I’m banking on “yes”, but I’m also the guy who windmill-slammed Darksteel Colossus into my pile like it was my job when I wasn’t trying to rare-draft.
-Yeah, yeah…it’s really cute to play her with mass land destruction.  Please let me know when you get that out of your system.
-Ditto sticking Worldslayer on her.  We’re not breaking new and interesting ground here, people.
-Now that I think of it, Dominate is going in every single blue deck I have.  There’s a new “Living The Dream!” achievement for you…
-I’m sort of amazed that some people are already screaming that this card is too broken for the format.  I know the sky is always falling when something like this is revealed, but seriously?  An eight-mana creature with a triple colored mana requirement?  When everyone and their mother runs exile effects? 

-Yeah…I know what Darksteel Forge does.  Completely different story here.  Still not seeing it.  Sorry.

.   .   .   .   .
That’s all for this week, everyone.  Enjoy your weekend-