EDH March Madness Results, Round Two – Ink-Treader and Glint-Eye Conferences


Thank goodness for round two. Round one left us with four color identities completely removed from the tournament. Red, white, Rakdos, and the patriotic RWU have all been not-so politely shown the way out. I don’t think this really even came as a surprise to them. For this round, we’re breaking it up by conference, but we’re starting you off with the good stuff.

Anyways, let’s continue the party, starting with the Ink-Treader Conference and Glint-Eye Conference today.  We’ll be back Wednesday to finish the second round off with Yore-Tiller and Witch-Maw. 

Here’s the bracket, because we know you all just want to see the results.

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Ink-Treader Conference

Nath of the Gilt-Leaf vs. Wort the Raidmother

This is perhaps the classic battle: Elves against Goblins. The matchup always comes down to who has better removal, who has better ramp, and who has better tutors. Well, the Elves have all of that. But you know what Goblins have? Goblins have spirit, and that counts for something, doesn’t it? Oh wait – this isn’t a sports movie where the plucky underdog overcomes all odds to defeat the obviously superior champions. This is real life where the weaker, slower creatures get eaten by the bigger, stronger creatures. On the bright side, the elven arrows mean that the goblin meat is already on skewers for barbequing.

Winner: Nath of the Gilt Lead, Score: 33-16

Maelstrom Wanderer vs. Balthor the Defiled

Sometimes you have to stop and smell the roses…really wander around and get to know your surroundings and enjoy things. When a horde of ravenous zombies is chasing you with that gleam in their eyes that tells you they want to crack open your skull and eat your brains with a melon baller, it’s not one of those times. Unfortunately, Maelstrom Wanderer didn’t appear to know this. Hoping to race to Tooth and Nail mana while your opponent races to Buried Alive mana is almost always a losing proposition. This is true even if you have a lot of ramp.

Balthor is quickly becoming the dark horse of this tournament.

Winner: Balthor, the Defiled, Score: 39-27

Glint-Eye Conference

Gaddock Teeg vs. Kamahl, Fist of Krosa

I would dare to say Teeg is amazing at shutting down grindy combo/control decks. The problem is that even though Teeg is built like a jockey, he is a terrible racer. Teeg doesn’t play too many Wrath variants or X-spells (for obvious reasons), which puts a big damper on the tutors and ability to take out creature-based aggro decks. Kamahl on the other hand was built for speed. He blasts past Teeg for ramp and then runs over the table. In this case, he easily vaulted the small-statured kithkin.

Winner: Kamahl, Fist of Krosa, Score: 29-12

Mikaeus, the Unhallowed vs. Arcum Dagsson

If you are a fan of Gallagher, this was the match for you. Sorry – that might be a slightly dated reference. For you younger readers, I recommend Google-ing up some videos to make this reference click.  (Ah, to be old…)

Arcum comes from a world covered with ice, so it’s possible that he mistook Mikaeus for a baby seal covered in oil or something. Whatever the reason, I haven’t seen a deck take a beating like this since I don;t know when.

Limited artifact removal and no counterspells meant absolutely no resistance from the zombie lord. At one point Mikaeus tried to combo off with Triskelion. Arcum responded by Vedalken Shackling Mikaeus and killing him with a copy of his own Triskelion. In other words, he tore off Mikaeus’s arms and beat him to death with them. I guess Mikaeus is a zombie so he’s already dead, so I don’t know what verb to use what Arcum did to Mikaeus, but the undead church-guy is definitely not getting up.

Winner: Arcum Dagson, Score: 55-12

We’re getting close. Check back Wednesday and Friday for the Yore-Tiller and Witch-Maw conferences.  Sharuum versus Azuza, Oona versus The Mimeoplasm, and Karador versus Captain Sisay ought to be interesting.

Team GDC

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