Aura Thief

EDH Winner of the Week!

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Do you play lots of Enchantments? Do you hate your friends! Time to get your Aura Thief on!

No, for reals. Everyone hates it when you touch their stuff, especially when you’re touching their Greater Good, Debtor’s Knell, Omniscence, Warstorm Surge, and other any annoying thing. Hey, thanks!

Oh, and did I mention that the Gods are Enchantments? Boom! Here’s a true story: back when Theros was coming out, I foolishly decided to spec on foil Aura Thief, thinking it was a slam-dunk to go up. A year later, the foil version is up from $6 to $8. Nice spec, Mr. P!

So anyways, this week’s EDH Winner of the Week is Aura Thief, in hopes that a bunch of people will buy it and those foil ones I bought will go up in value! Nice life, Mr. P!

Ok! Hit me up in the comments, or whatever!

->Mr. P