Do you like analogies? Mr. P sure does!  This week’s EDH Winner of the Week is actually this week’s EDH Analogy of the Week. Tight!

Do you like cilantro? Mr. P sure doesn’t! Good lord! It tastes so assy! Why would anyone want to eat something with the consistency of parsley and the flavor of dirt?

Oh wait, you like cilantro? Wait, something about not having that gene and/or not being a total asshat like Mr. P does/is? Good point! (Apparently there is a genetic thing that makes cilantro taste like butt for certain people .  Guess who’s writing this article and has that gene? See, you learned something today!)

So anyways, cilantro is like playing combos in EDH. Some people really like cilantro. They want to eat it all the time, and they put it on everything they cook. This is your friend who likes to put infinite combos in everything he builds. As long as all the people at the dinner party feel the same way, it’s all good!

Maybe you’re like a lot of people; you don’t want cilantro in everything you eat, but you don’t mind it in small doses. Hell, you might even put cilantro in some of the things you cook. A little cilantro now and then is okay (especially when your cooking is getting boring.)

Oh hey, you’re genetically cursed! Good lord do you hate cilantro! You don’t want cilantro in anything you eat ever, and you get angry when people talk about how they like it! That nasty, yo!

Hey, nice analogy, Mr. P!  Feel free to parrot that all day every day! See y’all next week (or whenever I feel like writing another one of these terrible articles!)

->Mr. P

Mr. P wrote this article while playing against a Group Hug deck. Group Hug decks are not fun, people; they bore people into writing terrible articles about things no one cares about. Please stop playing Group Hug, y’all. Also, Mr. P influences the Pro Tour with his mad swag, or whatever.