Here’s an Open-Response Question, just for you!

You are playing a game of EDH against your pet goldfish, Chuck.  Chuck has no cards in hand, and has just sacrificed all of his lands to Zuran Orb, ignoring that Forsaken Wastes is in play (He’s a goldfish, after all.)  There are no creatures in play.  

You cast Hamletback Goliath.  Then, you cast Rite of Replication (kicked), targeting Hamletback Goliath.

  1. Describe what happens upon resolution of Rite of Replication (kicked.)
  2. After all the triggers have resolved, describe how big each of your six Hamletback Goliaths are.
  3. Is there a way to order the triggers differently to change the answer to question 2?  


You’re welcome.


->Mr. P