Morph Token

Do you like a good mystery? Of course you do! Who doesn’t! If you don’t like a good mystery, we don’t like you!

So anyways, last night I got to live the dream. And by “live the dream,” I mean “I got to kill someone on turn 11 with a face down Morph that I played on turn 3.”

Boom! What the Hell?

So you know how people are like “it’s always Willbender“? Well guess what, punk? IT WASN’T WILLBENDER! That’s right baby, it was Quicksilver Dragon! Salty! And that other Morph I played and then immediately sacrificed to Thraximundar? That was Mischievous Quanar, stupid! What a mischievous fellow!

So anyways, this week’s EDH Winner of the Week is any Morph card that isn’t Willbender, because it isn’t always Willbender.


->Mr. P