Hi! I’m hoping you can help me with my rando theme deck I made. I really like this particular General, and I had this cool idea for what to do with it. Here’s my decklist:

[spoiler title=”Rando Noob’s Deck”]Copy/Paste results of edhrec.com general search here[/spoiler]

I really like these particular cards, because I like the way they interact with the general and/or I think they have cool art.

Can you please help me make my deck cooler and more interesting?


Rando Noob


Hi Noob-

EDH is a format that is all about finding something cool, and doing it.  It’s a chance to play cards that normal people would think you are insane for playing.  It’s all about originality, creativity, and doing what you like.

That sounded sincere, right? Ok, good! So anyways, from looking over your list, it’s really clear that you are missing three key components of all Commander decks:

  1. Ramp
  2. Tutors
  3. Staples

Let’s get on it!

So first off, let’s cut these ten cards that you chose because they connected with the “theme” of your deck. That’s nice and all, but let’s replace them with Ramp. After all, you are going to want to cast your spells! Are you in Green? If not, let’s add in Green so that you can Ramp. Sure, you’ll have to change your General, but who cares? It’s not like you chose it for a reason or anything.

Cool, so now we’re going to move to the Tutors. Looking over your list, I see a substantial dearth of Tutors, so let’s cut these twelve cards and replace them with Tutors. Are you in Black already? Black has the best Tutors, so let’s put that in. Cool? Cool!

Finally, I see a depressing lack of Staples in this thing. You aren’t even running Exsanguinate! Exsanguinate is a common sight at Commander tables, and for good reason. You’re not going to ramp to 40 and kill people from full health, but it can be brought back again and again with Seasons Past, and even firing it off for a relatively small number will give you an enormous life buffer while weakening your opponents.

So anyways, let’s cut these twenty-two cards and replace them with whatever the 22 most played out and overpowered GoodStuff cards possible are. Rise of the Dark Realms? Insurrection? Tooth and Nail? Toss ‘em in, baby!

With regards to the lands, let’s put in every fetch land, every shock, Revised dual, and Winding Canyons. Boom! Manabase!

So anyways, now you have a Commander deck that you can be proud of.  Sure, it will do the same boring thing every single game, but you’ll be too busy grinding wins to care! After all, that’s why we play this format!

See you next time, when I give the exact same advice to some other Rando Noob!


->Mr. P