We don’t really go in for thspoilers at Team GDC (much anymore). Then this happened at PAX Prime, 

and the level of conversation was lacking. Let’s remedy that.

Let’s start it off with a Tweet.

So that’s question number one.

1. Specifically thinking in terms of EDH – and not, for example, Modern or Standard – where do you rank them compared to other duals played in the format. In addition to the ones Robert listed, you decide to add Gates, Refuges, Snow tapped lands, Odyssey filters, Tainted lands, and of the non-cycle of Future-shifted duals, man lands, and tribal duals.


Next, we move to an interesting wrinkle that stems from the design of these duals.

2. What types of decks are going to want these duals most? Answer whatever you want, but in my mind I’m saying two- and three-color decks that can afford to run tons of fetches and lots of basics.

2. b. Follow-up: If you have any of the decks you named above, what are you thinking to cut for the “Tango” (as in “it takes three to…”) lands?


Lastly, what I find to be the most fun to think about:

3. Will this lead you to increase the number of fetches you run (on average)? Because I’m pretty sure I don’t run the Shards of Alara Panoramas in any deck any more due to the enforced tempo loss, but I am going to seriously consider adding them and the Mirage slow-fetches in a number of three-color decks, my thinking being the value of the third fourth fetch goes way up now (in decks where I only have Shocks to search up currently).


So yeah. Hit up the comments. Please do paraphrase the questions in your answer like “1. ranking: your mom > bacon > scabies > sand in the bed > people who do the voices while playing DnD” or whatever.

Have fun.