Afternoon everyone, and happy Friday!  We’ve got a few odds and ends to tie up before the weekend, so let’s dig right in.


Andy and Co. over at CommanderCast are wrapping up the donation phase of Gifts Given, as detailed in the Friday Flashback today.  As a result, I’m setting a deadline of Friday, November 25th for deck submissions to the Thrax’ Conundrum Contest in order to give me time to get what I’m donating over to Andy.  So please hurry your submissions!  Here’s where we are currently donation-wise:

And here’s where I’d really like to be by next Friday:

You guys are driving this one all the way.  I plan to sweeten the pot a bit, but It’s up to y’all.  So far, the front-runners are a sweet tribal Zombies list from Patrick, and a solid re-imagining of my original list from Imshan (now with 100% better synergy!)  So please…get the lists in ASAP.


Results are overwhelmingly in, and I’m clearly in the minority here:

60% – General damage is essential to the format.
13% – Take it or leave it
13% – If I lose to Rafiq on turn four one more time, I’m going postal.
7%   – Love it!
7%   – Hate it!

Clearly, the true problem with general damage is that Rafiq isn’t banned.  RC, I hope you’re watching.  😉

…but seriously, while I was expecting things to play out in this order, what I wasn’t expecting was the overwhelming percentages protecting general damage as a format institution.  That speaks highly, especially considering that our local shop scene is nearly unanimously in favor of no general damage.

I think I may need to re-visit my stance here, to at least see what I’ve been missing for the last year or two.  (Patrick, if you’re reading, maybe we ought to do a pre-planned “general damage is enabled” week coming up soon to see how it goes.)

Next poll up…proxies!  Start clicking…

SISTERS OF STONE DEATH – The hell do I do with this thing?!?!?

With my Hazezon Tamar list officially debuted and tracked a few times, it’s time to move my creative attention towards my second two-color deck, set to feature my beloved Sisters.  I love the artwork (it looks great in foil) and it exiles things and can protect itself in combat…right up my alley. 

The question is…what direction do I take with this build?

I’m keeping this an unofficial poll.  Reply in the comments section with your votes, and any additional thoughts if you feel like it.  So far, I’m considering:

-A Voltron strategy involving tons of mana acceleration, designed to play and re-play Sisters and use the crap out of her.  This will probably sport a reanimation sub-theme.

Good-stuff.  Since I pulled Progenitus apart, I’ve been sitting on a ton of strong black and green cards that I need to put into use somehow.  Please save me from taking the easy route to another crappy decklist.  On second thought, pretend I didn’t suggest this at all.  Nothing to see here… 

-Gorgon Tribal!  (Okay…more like “deathtouch” tribal…once we get past Sisters and Visara, we come to a screaming halt with Masked Gorgon, Infernal Medusa, and Gorgon Recluse.  Seriously, five options.  And the last one is hiding in embarassment.  Not very inspiring…)

Where am I going with this one, my dear readers?  Have I missed another better option?  Should I jsut shut up and play Savra?  Let me know in the comments. 

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone!