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Sorry for the lack of Three Cards Deep yesterday; The joys of living in TheMiddleOfNowhere, New Hampshire mean that sometimes, a storm rolls in and the power goes out, and it doesn’t come back on for…oh…well, I finally gave up this morning.  Seems like a great weekend to hang out with family in Massachusettes.

While we’re talking about it, Dave switched it up this week and came with a proper GDC-style article.  By “proper”, I mean he’s complaining about something.  We’re so proud of you, Dave!  You’re now officially one of us.  Now get off our damn  lawn.

In other other news, Pro Tour: Theros is happening in Dublin, Ireland this weekend.  I realize that the percentage of dedicated EDH players who care about Standard and Limited is likely pretty low, but for the three of you who do, check out the streams that are hitting all over the place.

Also, Commander 2013 is right around the corner; the marquee generals have been spoiled, and set spoilers start on Monday.  GDC has a pretty solid precon review in the works, so stay tuned for card analysis, deck breakdowns, and lots of tinkering around with things.  We’ll have a wonderful time with it all.  


My regular Monday Night EDH at the Atrium on the Upper East Side of Manhattan involves slinging cards with between 15 and 45 regulars who meet in this awesome public space. I was kept away this week by family responsibilities and this is the report I got from big homie and GDC commenter Ryan:

Ryan's Lament

Now as much as I am all for everyone’s own individual definitions of fun in this casual, social format, Ryan hit it on the head. “These are the things of which sad faces are made.”

I can’t say I haven’t been guilty of at least one and a half of these offenses in the past year (splooshed that one time with Tooth and Nail before performing public penance, and Ghave, Guru of Spores flirts with the combo/high-synergy line), but seriously people, get over this stuff. It is so boring and unsatisfying.

Do you really still enjoy winning with the Mindcrank combo? Cuz we all love grumbling and then asking you to wait 45 minutes while we play the game out without you.

I know this issue has been complained to death, beyond also being a matter of personal taste – some people wanna play EDH like any other, consistency-focused format.


  1. As the EDH community expands and recently-newbs now introduce it to other new players from their shared background of competitive
  2. And they all talk about it using language that has nothing to do with the heart of EDH (See image below for reference) like being “strictly worse” and “not having enough staples”
  3. And newly promoted faces of the game like EDH writers on DailyMTG veer towards redundancy and combo (although grain of salt, this article about going tutorless made me really REALLY happy.)
  4. And the next wave of Commander precons is about to pull a ton more new players into the format pushing them through numbers one, two, and three:

Commander Morals

I just worry that this problem will become more common, not less so, despite all our efforts to fight the good fight and wage awesomeness so we can all have a good time together.

<3 Dave

P.S. my porch is totally awesome and those durned whippersnappers really better stay off it. We have nice, home-brewed Sweet Tea here.